Nothing Had Ever Changed

I felt the ice cold breeze

brush against my skin.

My hands began to turn numb.

The cold hit me hard

as I let out short, icy breaths.

But the air around me stayed still, and warm.

The lights went off

and the darkness swallowed me.

I could see nothing,

as black took over.

But the moon still shone in the night sky,

and spread its glow.

My insides graved,

my eyes- lifeless

I was left with no emotions

no feelings,

no soul.

Only a raw still-beating heart.

But the stars still twinkled upon the sky,

sprinkling their beauty

as far as the eye could see

I lay there,

dead as a corpse.

My body not moving

But the faintly-purple streaks of clouds

continued to float,

gently and carelessly

My heart continues to beat

but I'm dead.

My life came crashing down

that one moment.

And I'm gone.

But yet the world still goes on

and no one's noticed…

…like nothing had ever changed.