You brighten my day like no one else

You bring me joy when I feel down

You bring hope and courage when I'm hopeless

Your bright smile and sparkling words are like jewels to me

I'll treasure them forever

You're the best friend that I never had

I can always talk to you

You always love me

You help me when no one else will

You brought strength when I had none left

You told me to keep going when I couldn't

You were there when no one else was

You're the person that I can come to with a problem

You're always willing to help

You encourage me to persevere when I can't

You were there in my darkest hour

When I had no one to comfort me for my loss

You told me that it was okay

You helped me through it all

The tears, the pain, the agony, everything, you pulled me through it all

You loved me and I thank you for it

You were one of my first friends

Now you are my best friend

And I thank you for it

Your words put a smile on my face

When I feel your presence, my heart soars

I love you and I always will

No matter what happens today, tomorrow, or the next day

Thank you for everything

You're my sun and moon

You're the evening and morning star to me

You're my best friend