The impact of what they said was excruciating

It hit me like a punch to the stomach

The fact that they were saying that you were gone, it hit me

I knew that I would never see you again

I would never hear your laughter again

See your smile sparkle

Watch you joke and laugh with your friends

The thought of never seeing you again is agonizing

It hurts like a punch in the stomach

There's only one word to describe it


I sit here writing while I cry my eyes out

Over the thought of never seeing you again

I've been crying for hours at the thought it

It hurts, it really, truly hurts

We saw you laughing and being you one day

And the next we learned that you were gone forever

The impact of that brought such sadness that can never be described

So here I sit, crying to the heavens

To have mercy on my poor soul

And to give me peace

One day we went home thinking that we would see you the next day at school

But we didn't know how wrong we were

We came the next day to find that you were gone

One day you were laughing

And the next you were gone

Oh how we miss you

We'll never forget you

I know that one day I'll see you again in heaven

Sitting on His lap laughing like you once did

Only then will we all know an eternal peace

That we can finally see you again

As we once did

We'll see you smile and laugh again

Then we'll know the eternal peace that you've known

Then our heavy hearts will be lifted and we'll be given peace

We look forward to the day where we'll see you and Him

We'll look forward to that peace of mind

We'll look forward to seeing you

We'll look forward to that day

So here I sit

Stunned by the impact

That you're truly gone


This poem is dedicated to Skyler and Bret at LHS, and Sean at LMS. Who committed suicide in the 2004-2005 school year. We love you and we miss you.