This is a song I made! If you're anywhere near Baguio city, email me and I'll gladly sing for you. :D Email me too if you want my mobile number so you could call and I'll gladly sing it for you. :D

Love Doctor


I've been three months dead,

My heart's not functioning properly,

Can't get him out of my head,

No, I won't stay in your infirmary.

Can you give me one of those pills?

That kind that makes you forget,

I need induced amnesia

Those earlier shots didn't help.


Cause, Ooh, he made me feel so alive

And I can't remember what it's like.

Oh doctor, doctor give me some advice,

Is there something you can prescribe?


This is my misery, love doctor help me, help me,

I am oh so distraught I fear I can't be cured.

Don't get me wrong I'm not crazy,

No I'm not losing my mind,

But love doctor help me, help me,

Before we run out of time.


I've tried those quack doctors,

They showed me outta their doors,

They said there was hope no more,

They warded me off with a cross.

I tried those classy shrinks

And trust me their worse,

They tried to psycho-analyze me,

I can't take it anymore.


Cause, Ooh, he made me feel so alive

And I can't remember what it's like.

Oh, the symptoms I ignored are showing now,

There must be someway out.



If I had a heart transplant will the pain disappear?

If I had brain surgery will the memories clear?

If I bang my head on the wall will the voices yield?

Will I have to surrender before I get myself killed?

If in midnight I'd ring will you answer my call?

Or will I just end it all, jump from a building so tall

And fall… and falll… oh fall…

Back into your arms again!