Authors note: This story is true. This man really did live and the basic storyline did happen. However, some information was made up by me. Julian, Sofia and Thomas belong to me.

1930 - 5 years old
Dear Diary,

It thunderstormed today. I was at school when it started and we were all in the middle of studies. We were learning about the Hanukkah festival. Some of the younger boys in my class were scared. Because I was one of the older ones there, I had to be grown up by pretending I wasn't frightened. But I was frightened. I had never been in a real storm before, only heard stories from my older brother, Julian, about people being struck by lightening and being fried. Daddy told me he was fibbing, but it still worries me. At least Daddy was safe in the workshop and Mummy was at home. No one could work that day, so the teachers let us go home early. I still had to be brave and walk my little sister, Sofia, home. I think I was more scared than her, but don't tell anyone. I wouldn't let go of her hand all the way to the library, even when she complained. At least we only had a short walk. I could relax once we were in the Ulanow Library.

Daddy came to pick us up from the library today, instead of letting us walk home on our own. The thunder had stopped, but it was still raining, and I could shelter under Daddy's arms as we walked. I was worried about him, because he should have been in the workshop with our customers, but he said we were more important. When we got home, Julian kept gloating about how he got to walk home by himself, and he wasn't scared. I wanted to punch him, but Mummy was watching, so I went to the other side of the room and tried to ignore what he was saying. Just because he is older than me and goes to the public school doesn't mean he's better than me. He always wins every argument. It's not fair.

But after, I got to help Daddy in the workshop, because he said I needed something to do. I got to be a real live tailor! Daddy says that when I'm older I can help him full time and take over the shop one day. That should teach Julian! I'm a better tailor than he'll ever be. But then I had to leave and help Mummy make dinner, because Daddy got a customer and I wasn't old enough to try on other people yet. It was my turn to lay the table today, and Julian had to wash up!

See you tomorrow,