18th April 1939
Dear Diary,
Mum and Dad say that London is in danger. They say that we could get bombed! That's a really strange thought. I never imagined that this war would affect us. It never really seems, well, real if you just hear stories through the paper, and read about what is happening. The fighting is ages away; if won't affect us! That's what I used to think. Now it's different. It's happening here.

There's loads of new things happening. It's quite exciting actually, and at times I almost forget that they are here to save our lives. Mum went to the district hall and came back with a pile of gas masks. It was so cool! I'd never seen them so close before, although loads of my friends from school already have one. It wasn't so cool putting them on. They stink! I can't really describe the smell - sort of like rubber mixed with disinfectant. Yeuch! They made Jimmy feel really sick, but we still had to put them on and off, on and off until Mum and Dad were satisfied we could put them on quickly. I was so glad when we finished. I went and stuck my head straight out the window, and breathed the fresh, clean smell.

We also got loads of posters telling us what to do in a gas attack. The posters were so scary! Imagine if you did get gassed. It sends shivers down my spine - I don't think I remember the last time something made me feel so sick with fear. There are so many things to remember. If the gas rattle sounded, I don't think I'd be able to do anything! I'd forget everything I've learnt. And they looked so official: Issued by the Ministry of Home Security' they said. Who the heck are they?

Dad says that loads more will happen soon. He says Anderson Shelters will be delivered soon. That will be so great! I can force Jimmy to play Mummys and Daddys with Rebecca! I'll be the Mummy, Jimmy can be Daddy and Rebecca, of course, will be the baby. And then I'll tell all Jimmy's mates! Yeah!

See you!
Ruth xxx