maybe in your debt

it's always my fault
but i'm never sorry
i think i like to see you cry

forgive me if i've offended you

you could call me sadistic
'cause i like to see you hurt
but your shreds only make me smile

forgive me if i've suffocated you

i could pick your remains
from my teeth with a twenty-foot toothpick
and just throw you up after

forgive me if i've massacred you

guess i could say i'm sorry
guess i could say i didn't mean it
perhaps i should say i'm sorry
perhaps i should say

you-know-what i wouldn't mean it
owing ninety-five dollars and eight cents
of lip service
because i only paid wads of thick silence

-wasateenagewallflower. 16/7/2005

a/n: i think i'm real annoying.