Along Came Elliot

Chapter 1: Sunday in the Sand

It was a hazy, overcast day in Atlanta, Georgia when Jenna met Elliot. Elliot was quite tall, possessed chiseled features, and had deep blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. Yes, you have here the boy of any girl's dreams. Elliot was a lot like Jenna if you disregarded the fact that Jenna was very petite and had purple streaks in her brown hair. I guess you could say that they were similar in the personality they both maintained, as well as their talents. Jenna was at the mall with her cousin Bridget, who would be classified as a rather supercilious prepster; keep in mind that she was only thirteen. Jenna and Bridget were at the bathing suit store called Sunday in the Sand, when Bridget set her eyes upon a pink bikini. Soon she was running up to it like love at first sight. On her way, she tripped on a pair of sandals that someone carelessly left on the floor after trying on. After tripping over the shoe, she fell on a guy named Elliot. Elliot clenched her shirt and quickly tugged her up before she hit the ground, noticeably flexing his biceps.

"Oh my!" gasped Bridget, "Er… thanks!"

Jenna quickly ran up to Elliot and said, "I'm sorry. She's really perky today."

"Hey- it's alright," replied Elliot.

"Yeah, thanks. My name's Jenna- that's my cousin Bridget."

"Cool. I'm Elliot," he said, graciously running his hand through his lustrous hair. "I work here, and I'm a junior at Oakwood High. You know... the job pays pretty well…."

There was a pause, "I go there, too. I mean- the school."

Soon Bridget came up to Jenna and tugged on her shirt, "C'mon, we have to go!"

"You can," mumbled Jenna, as she got back to her conversation with Elliot. "Aren't you swim captain or something?"

"Yup, tha'd be me," replied Elliot.

"Okay, can we get that bikini and then just go?" asked Bridget sourly.

As Jenna said goodbye to Elliot, they headed off towards the cash register to pay for Bridget's bathing suit.

"You idiot! Couldn't you see that I was talking to someone who just happened to be really hot and surprisingly kind? You don't meet guys like that too often," whispered Jenna.

"Could you please ring us up?" Bridget asked.

"Get in the car," said Jenna as they reached the far end of the mall's parking lot. "When we get home I'm telling Rita that you ruined my conversation with ELLIOT IVERSON!"

"Yeah, like your sister is gonna beat me up over a lame thing like that…. Besides, it didn't seem like Elliot minded when you left. I think you had a pretty good conversation after all," claimed Bridget.

"Well," Jenna searched for the right words, "my sister is a great liar, and she's on my side- she can whip up a lie to tell to my mom and then you'll be in some trouble!"

"WELL I DON"T HAVE A MOM!" screamed Bridget, but the following narrowed down to a painful, teary whisper, "I, I don't even have a dad," she said, like she was realizing it for the first time. "And since when are there 'sides'?"

An unnatural silence settled throughout the car. "I'm, uh- I'm really sorry, Bridget," Jenna sighed in a blatantly sincere voice. "I just got caught up."

Bridget stopped crying. "It's okay," she said, although it was quite evident that she didn't thoroughly mean it. "Just don't tell Rita, please?"