Madison pulled the hood of her royal blue velvet cloak over her head. Those long turquoise locks of hers were sheltered and her constant sad, ice blue eyes fell upon her drunken brother. "Ohhhhh," she sighed at once, every syllable that ever spilled forth from her lips sounding like a drone, monotonous sigh. "Mathew. You want to get in trouble, don't you? You will. You always do. You'll get caught. You'll get beaten. Then you'll go out and get drunk again."

Her eyes were darting about slowly, inspecting all the obvious signs that the boy was drunk. A faint tinge of pink had dressed his pale hybrid chicks and his elf-like ears had even been painted with the color. The familiar sent of spiced rum drifted off of him as it regularly had, accompanied by too much cologne (giving him the scent of a drunken french whore, opposed to sober.) His bloodshot eyes, a masculine variant of Queen Anaka's, were twitching about with their typical arrogant undertone as he stood up. This not occuring before he ran his hand through his already extremely disheveled hair.

"Listen, you overly-dramatic nusiance, I couldn't care less if I get caught. I've had enough of that damn dragon, and her damn preaching! I'm going to make a life for myself. I think I'm old enough not to need my sister or my mommy looking out for me!" His left hand typically clutched onto the japanese sword staff, or naginata, that he constantly carried with him. Madison didn't seem in the least frightened of Mathew, lowering her eyes in a beaten manner nonetheless.

"Mathew, listen. You need to come home before Mother finds you. When she does--"

"Yes, yes," Mat seemed to moan back in mockery of her monotonous sighs. "I'll get beaten, then I'll go out, then I'll drink some goddamn more. You're preachin' to the choir, Sister. I couldn't give a great big flying fuck even if I wanted to." With that he turned and went back to the bartender to order another few rounds of drinks for himself. Madison didn't seem too pleased with this, though it's not suprising as she never seemed pleased with anything, suddenly sitting down and glancing up at the door as a few of the city guards entered and grumbled amongst themselves about a bright blue haired elf-looking fellow that had knocked out several of their own earilier. Apparently they'd been yet to notice that the very object of their conversation was ordering himself a few more drinks.

Madison tugged upon her sleeves in a fidgety manner as she approached Mathew from behind so as to hopefully block their few of him. "Matty, we've got some unwanted company. I told you that you were going to get caught. You didn't believe me, did you? No one ever believes me... listens to me... cares about me." She sighed and seemed to grow distant for a moment, not noticing her brother downing the dark colored contents of a glass in his hand. He sat down the drink, glancing over at the guards just as one of them seemed to notice him.

"Unwanted company? Aww, this gives me an excuse to have some more fun...but first!" Mathew dove over the bar itself, pulling down those tan pants of his just far enough to let to guard eyeballing him get a wonderful view of his pale ass. Madison turned her head away suddenly at the sight; her face as flush as her eyes were shut when she did such.

The guards immediately sprang forward, a sword in at least one hand per pair of them. Their armor glintings slightly as they went forward to pin Mathew. Mathew had other plans, having unsheathed his naginata's blade while bent over, spinning around and slashing the men's faces while they were still at a distance. Madison forced him to stop this resistance as she gripped his arm, pulling him out past the fallen guards and out of the building.

Mathew just gave her an irritated look, scowling slightly as he sheathed his blade and then at last pulled up his pants. "I don't see what the big deal is. I was just giving them my ass. I mean, they were going to try and kick it anyways. I had to give them some sort of a head-start. After all, nobody can beat Mathew the Magnificient. Admit it, Maddie, nobody!"

Madison shook her head and clasped his wrist tighter, now planning on dragging him home as she gave another overly-dramatic moan. "Ohhhhh, I'd ask if it was the alcohol talking, had I not known otherwise. I wish I was confident like you, but then I'd be in even more trouble."

Mathew seemed to ponder on that, then shook his head. "Nah, you wouldn't, because then you wouldn't listen to my shit. Our house has too many megalomaniacs as is." Maddie just shook her head and rolled her eyes as she looked at him, sighing again.

"Yes, true. One of you is bad enough. After all, who else would help you on the run from the law only to take you home to get beaten by our psychotic mother for underaged drinking."

Mathew just shot her a half-glare, chuckling to himself and nodding his head. "Preachin' to the choir, Maddie, preachin' to the choir."