My name is Ryosuke.

I'm a demon…sort of… and I wanted to get some facts straight before we started my story. First thing, I do come from Hell. About Hell, it's not fire and brimstone. You humans have over-active imaginations. Hell is much like Earth; we have buildings; we have houses; we have lives and jobs and all that good shit you humans have. The only thing is we have no cars. Hell is modern despite our love for the olden governments of a monarchy. Hell has seasons, just they're unpredictable. We don't have natural disasters though. No hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, blizzards, sandstorms none of that horrible crap. It's normal… to a human's eyes as well as a demon's.

Next on my list of things you should learn, demons. We demons are not what you think. First off, most of us aren't the ugly monsters your imaginations have thought of to have been. Instead, mostly all demons look like humans, just with hair that could be of any color naturally, eyes that are in shapes and colors you wouldn't believe and pointed ears big and small. Those who aren't like that are servants and minions. We choose how old we look and how we appear in front of you humans.

Also, we demons aren't the epitome of all evil. Some are good, some are bad, most are neutral. We don't mettle in humans affairs much. We don't grant wishes and very few (ten, becoming eleven in a month, to be exact) take souls to grant desires. We have our own problems and lives and don't need to be fucking around a human's fucked up life to get a paycheck. Our jobs are nearly like yours. Another thing, only demons that can gain the throne have special abilities like magic. Your average demon can only manipulate humans. Trust me that isn't a hard task at all.

Now that we got all that cleared up onto the subject of me and my family. I am not your average demon. I was not born like every other demon; I was created. I am the last of five demons created to find masters. Me and my four brothers live life to find proper masters to take care of us and love us. My brothers are interesting and you'll meet them later on so I wont go into that much detail about them. You'll hear about my brother Kamiyo more than the rest because he is the one I turn to for guidance. He's the first child created and one of three that can frolic about and have different masters. Sadly, me and my older brother, the fourth to be created, have predestined masters are have to search high and low for them. My brother was created specifically for my uncle, so he's found his. I am still in search.

Now we get into the real juicy subject, my uncles, aunt and father. My father, uncles and aunt are the thirteen sons and daughter of Lucifer himself. Thirteen children created from seven women. Only eight are heirs to Hell's throne. The rest are high upon the hierarchy of Hell. When speaking formally of these children you must address them individually as the first child or the eighth child. The thirteenth is referred to as the last child. They all have their proper names and personalities and looks of course. There are two sets of twins and two children that were born alone with no sibling of the same mother.

I'll go into detail about the rest later on in the story as you meet them, but the ones that matter are the eight chosen as heirs. The only eight demons that have abilities beyond a normal demon's. One of them is my father; the twelfth child. His ability is to create demons, thus his name, Akurei. (Lucifer had a slight obsession with Asian women.) The order to the throne is not the same as the order of birth. My father is fifth in line to the throne. First in line is the first born son, Shotsu. He was the one to be the exact replica of Satan in power and personality, but the replica of his mother, a young Asian goddess who had fallen, in looks. Basically he's Lucifer's perfect creation. Another who is important and third in line to the throne is Akuma. A demon among demons. His fighting is ruthless and he was appointed to be head of the military force in Hell. Yes, we have a military. Heaven and Hell aren't at constant war with each other but nearly all angels hate demons. We demons don't give a shit but we do what we must to protect our home. Anyway, Akuma is second in power when it comes to the thirteen children. Long time ago he was worshipped as a God by some weird nation because of his force in battle. You'll hear more about him later on. Is there another important uncle you should know about? Yes, but not for the moment.

I think that basically covers up my background. You know where I came from, how I came to be and why I was put on this place. Now it's time to learn about me. As I've told you, my life's mission is to find a master. Throughout my life I've served a lot of people. None of then were the one I was searching for obviously. 2 years back I gave up searching. I don't give a shit. Plus, I don't want to find my master. I am supposed to find my master and basically spend the rest of existence with him, the only problem is, I was made specifically to have a human master. My brothers can only have demon masters and I can only serve humans. My father had this thing against demon masters after four children. One of my brother's masters was very abusive. He basically kept my brother as his sex slave, used him for mutilation games to get off and brought my brother to the brink of death 6 times until our father intervened and removed their bond. My father created me in hopes that I would never have to experience that. He was wrong, but luckily, humans can't do as much damage as a demon can. I've had some abusive masters, and many kind ones. I've had drug addicts and a couple who had actually fallen in love with me. But all of my masters were dramatic. When I had to leave them because I had grown tired of them, they were dramatic and violent. That is why I decided to give up my search for my true master. God gave you the ability to be dramatic and you know how to use it.

That's also why I never have female masters. I've had two. This was before I decided to give up women. Both were very kind and gorgeous. I mean, it was as if God had taken his time and molded them to be the object of perfection. Now, my male friends, if you haven't discovered it yet, women are bitches. They complain, they bitch, they rant, they nag. Sure they have their sweet sides, but I couldn't take it. Women have hormones and mood swings that could kill. I'm officially gay thanks to that.

So, now that I've given up my search, I've stayed up here on Earth. My uncle, Ty, who works closely with humans because he is the leader of souls, gave me his apartment so I live comfortably. Oh, I forgot to mention. If you hadn't guessed it, demons and angels can move freely in to and out of Earth, even to the opposing world. It's a quirk of having the Creator and a fallen angel ruling each world.

Also since I have no master and choose not to have one for a while, I have nightly guests. Masters don't care of ruling over their servants. The sound of a servant is just sexual, so I need sex. Something that my father had overlooked. All his children are children born for sex and sexual acts. That is why we search for masters. Someone to satisfy us. It's something my father didn't notice until after I was created. When I was created, Kamiyo had matured enough to find a master, thus first learning of our sexual needs. Only the two brothers before me aren't sex addicts. Why? Because they didn't have to search too hard. The third created was created and kept in the house well after maturity, then was found by a young demon who was practically in love with our father. My brother was seen as a gift and is treated as such. My brother before me was given to our uncle. He was created for that purpose. The uncle he was given to is our father's twin. They don't look alike, and only one is an heir, but they come from the same womb. My brothers were lucky.

No more of the past. Past is past, we live in the present. It is February in Maine. The weather is still cold, but that doesn't stop people from going out onto the street and going out to clubs. They scurry and huddle outside, waiting in line. They're curled in their jackets trying to keep warm, waiting to enter the sanctity of loud music and chaos so they can remove everything and become someone and something else.

Despite how short and insignificant you humans are, you are all fascinating. The things you do even makes God wonder what he's created. Because you have such short lives and you know it, everything is more fascinating. You do things more rapidly because you have such a short amount of time. It makes you humans fun to watch.

At the moment I was putting the final touches on myself. I had the desire to go out clubbing, just like rest of humanity's youth. How else will I get someone in my bed? A quick look-over tells me I'm ready and I rush out the door. The only thing I find annoying with my uncle's apartment is that it's on the top floor, so the elevator ride is long and boring. What makes it longer is the fact that I hate elevator music. It's annoying and gets stuck in my head too quickly. When I first used an elevator, the music was in my head for weeks and many demons were annoyed by my constant humming of it.

What seems like hours later, the elevator stops and I rush out, needing the fresh air to clear my head. People on the street look at me oddly. Of course they would. It's cold outside and I'm wearing a knee length skirt with slits that nearly reach my hips. Only a single necklace adorns my neck, my chest exposed to the cold air and my arms covered by long sleeves that end past my hands. I like cold weather. I love feeling cold and having my bones chill. It makes warming up that much pleasurable. With that in mind, I begin walking toward the club, ignoring the eyes that glance quizzically at my choice of attire.

The walk was relatively short. As always the club is full and people are lined around the corner to try and gain entrance. Most of them will go home not even feeling the atmosphere radiating from the front doors. I quickly walk to the bouncer, ignoring the rants and raves of people in the line. I quickly manipulate the beefy man's mind and give a sweet smile to him as he allows me to pass. Manipulation is not only for me to gain entrance quickly, I also like pissing the hell out of people who were in line before I came along.

Immediately as I walk through the doors, the atmosphere hits me. As I walk to the balcony that leads to the dance floor, the music surrounds me. The loud thump of the rhythm controls my body and leads me to the dance floor. The familiar crush of bodies and the languid dance they seem to form as a group. This is where I feel myself get lost into a rhythm of my own and move my body with a sensual ease.

The need to escape reality The need for oxygen within the choking room. The want to be blind to all that is wrong with the world. The want for affection. The desire to be someone else.

The music makes you forget it all. Being lost is all that helps.