This day has been horrible! Everything I had planned has gone to ruins!

It all started when I woke up. Not only did I wake up at 1 in the afternoon, but I was plagued with this skull-splitting headache. I thought a little aspirin would make it go away. No, I was not given that particular pleasure. The aspirin only helped dulling it, but my head still swam with pain.

I forced myself to try and forget about that pain. I kept on saying to myself that today was the day I was going out with Brad. I was going to see Brad in a kimono! With that set in my mind I went off to get ready for said date.

I then began to think that everything was going to go well. My bath went fine. I had sat in the warm liquid, making my skin take in the scent of lilacs and magnolias. I also decided to wash my hair so it would be easier to place in my hair pieces for the kimono. When I was finished, my skin glowed like I was a god. Of course, this small piece of perfection was not meant to last. When I went to dry my hair, my hair dryer broke. I shook it off though; I could always put the hair pieces in while my hair is wet, it makes no difference. But, when I opened the box that held all my hair pieces, it was empty except for a note. The note was from Kamiyo, saying this was his revenge for making him spend the night with a human.

I nearly cried in frustration. Of all things to take, he took my hair pieces, and when I needed them most! I held back my tears. I could not cry for such a trivial thing. Instead I put my hair in a simple ponytail. Though it would not match the elegance of my kimono, I though to myself, I would live.

Doing my make-up was easy since I had little make-up to wear. Just some lip gloss and eyeliner. Then I went to go put on my kimono. That was when I discovered that my father should label his boxes. When I opened the box, the kimono inside was not mine, it was Ikisoto's, the brother created before me. He always kept the appearance of a teenage boy and was much smaller than me.

After thirty minutes of yelling at nothing, I calmed down enough to think clearly. I remembered I had a clean kimono in my closet and chose to wear that. It was a far cry from the elegant kimono I had planned to wear, but I had no choice. The kimono was a light green, with lilies on the hem and the ends of the sleeves and I wore a lavender obi to match with it. I didn't dare look in a mirror before I walked out the door.

I was currently walking down the street, heading to the restaurant. The sun had gone down and the moon had risen up to greet the sky. Its lonely, silver glow reflected my morose mood. I could only stare at the floor helplessly as people passing by stared at me. I bet they were wondering why I had even stepped out of my apartment. I must've looked horrendous!

When I finally reached the restaurant, it took all my will power not to walk back to my apartment. I sighed somberly and managed to walk through the door. The owner greeted me with a bow and a bright smile. I could only bow back. My ears were deaf to the words he spoke and I followed him as he began to walk. I ignored my surroundings and the attention I was given by the costumers. They would always stare at me in amazement. They were stunned by the traditional beauty of a kimono. I would usually bask in this attention, but now, it felt useless. I didn't even want them to look at me.

The owner stopped in front of a door and slid it open. Then he gave a deep bow to the inside of the room. Brad was already here? I was hoping to sulk a bit more before he came. I sighed again. I took off my sandals by the door where I could see Brad's clothing was neatly folded. He was wearing a dress shirt and a tie before they made him change into a kimono. Cute.

I walked in and immediately froze. The room was, of course, done in the traditional style that was both simple but elegant none the less. Foods that were common in Hokkaido were laid out on the table with a bottle of sake. But what made me stop dead in my tracks was Brad. He was sitting crossed-legged behind the table, garbed in a black kimono. A cigarette was held in between his lips and his arms were crossed over his chest with his hands in the opposite sleeves. He reminded me of a samurai; graceful even as he waited impatiently.

I didn't even hear the door slide close behind me. Blue eyes stared at me intensely. I could only watch in shame and embarrassment as those hypnotizing eyes flicked over my body. His eyes had that power over me again. I was lost within the abyss his eyes created. I didn't even know what I felt within there. My mind was scrambling into nothing, leaving me confused.

How was it that his eyes did this to me?

They made me all nervous and jittery. They would always make me feel as though I wasn't in a room but in the ocean, the water drowning me. I was falling within his eyes with only his emotions floating past to prove that I was still alive. How was it that he had this power over me?

I was snapped out of my little daydream as a smile was placed on his face. He took the cigarette from his lips and put it out on a nearby ashtray. My face warmed as his features lit up.

"Good evening Gorgeous." He greeted.

Gorgeous? Was he serious? He thought I looked gorgeous?

I wondered if there was a flower field I could skip around in, I was so relieved. I spent this whole day in doubt and pain. I was so glad that he thought I looked gorgeous. It was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. My whole body relaxed as the tension from earlier mishaps faded. A smile spread over my lips. I didn't even think I could smile today.

In a moment of spontaneity, I ran to him, falling onto my knees, to give him a hug. He nearly fell over, but somehow kept his balance. I could tell he was a little surprised by my sudden actions, but he slid his arms around my waist anyway.

"It's a very good evening indeed."

He chuckled and held me tighter. Y'know what he reminds me of? He reminds me of those giant stuffed animals you can win at a carnival. They are so huge and hug-able that you can't help but want to just hold onto them all day. The only difference between a stuffed animal and Brad was that Brad hugged me back. That was the comforting part. I can always feel his arms around me giving me the warmth and ease I need.

The problem with him holding me now was that the food was getting cold. Sure, I would love to sit here and have him hold me all day…Hell; I would like more than just a little hug! But I was starving. I didn't eat much stressing over the date…for no reason apparently. Plus, my favorite soup was calling to me.

"Um, Brad?"

One of his hands shifted up to rest on my shoulder blade. With that accomplished, his head moved to rest on my shoulder with his cheek lightly pressed against my neck. I nearly squeaked as my face warmed.

"What is it, Ryosuke?"

My name was drawled out from his mouth in a way that my spine tingled. He was so close and to be like this with him was incredible. Did I really want to ruin this just so I could eat? I mean, how often does something like this happen? Well, with my calculating mind, happy little moments like this will be repeated. Yeah, I should eat.

"The food's getting cold and I'm really hungry."

Flustered, Brad detached himself from me. He muttered an apology as I broke away. I had to refrain from laughing as he looked at his food with a blush staining his cheeks.

Finally, dinner began. Luckily, he knew how to use chopsticks so I was saved from the scraping of forks and knives. Though, I did have to teach the American a little bit about Japanese cuisine. I had to teach him what was best to eat first and what would be best to eat with what. His reactions to the foods were like those of a child. It was all so exciting and new to him and it made me giggle. I even had to teach him the proper way to drink sake. It took him a couple tries and a couple of bottles for him to get it right.

Dinner was enjoyable. I had fun and I could tell by the way Brad always smiled at me, he had fun as well. When we finished the lavish meal, I was leaning against Brad, my eyes closed and a pleased smile on my face. Brad gave me his support and seemed to enjoy the warmth I provided.

"I'm either really drunk or I ate too much." I joked, trying to break the silence between us.

"It's possibly a little bit of both."

"You might be right."


"We should leave."

"Yes, we should…help me stand."

Brad laughed at my request but when he stood he pulled me up as well. He led the way out of the room. A waiter was by the door and I bowed to him, telling him to send Brad's clothes to my apartment and I'll send their kimono back tomorrow. With that, we walked out into the street.

It was weird to go from an old, eastern setting to the modern city. My mind had to refocus itself into this century. How long had we spent in there for me to forget what year it was? And forget how cold it was. I shuddered as a cold wind blew. As if instinctively, Brad slung his arm around my shoulders and kept me close to his body for warmth. I pressed myself close to him, savoring the way he held me. Then we began walking toward my apartment.

People stared at us, amazed at our attire. We ignored them, both of us absorbing the other's warmth and taking comfort in our position. We even rode the elevator with his arms around me. The surreal feeling ended when we reached my apartment door.

My head was resting on his chest, my body leaning into his with that protective arm still around my shoulders. It was all too comfortable and warm. I didn't wish for it to end. I placed a hand on his chest and his arm tightened its hold of me. He didn't want this warm feeling to go away either.

"I don't want to say goodbye yet." He whispered.

"Then don't."

"I've got to go home."

"No you don't."

"I do."

Why was he being so persistent? He wanted to stay. Why was he refusing what he wanted? What I want. I didn't want him to leave. Not yet. I know as soon as he would leave, I'd feel lonely. My apartment is lonely; I'm the only one that lives there. That's one of the reasons why I have so many partners. I don't want to be alone. I don't want to be reminded of my loneliness.

I gripped his kimono. He reacted to my tension and looked down at me.

"Stay for a little bit, please?"

There was an unbearable moment of silence. I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding when I felt his other arm go around me. I relaxed under his secure hold, my hand letting go of kimono. He bent his head so it was close to my ear. Butterflies bubbled in my stomach from excitement and I shivered slightly under the assault of his breath.



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