The Music of the Spheres: Intro

Well, it's time for me to destroy every last shred of credibility I have as well as the logic of the universe. I'm going to post The Music of the Spheres again. Hopefully, it will get more reviews this time. Hopefully, it will make more sense this time. If not, ah well.

Why did I write this story? At the time, I was just having fun with language. Also, I had created the character of Ruben a long time before. His name has popped up in several of my stories that I have not posted. In fact, I wrote another story called The Music of the Spheres in which the main character was a real bitch and Ruben was a foul-mouthed, golden-eyed fighter with a fiery temper. I also wrote another one in which Ruben was a synthetic angel that gave a cynical girl hope. (No one may steal these story ideas because they are mine!!) In this version of his character, he became a perfect hero (a concept which I intend to destroy in The Arts of Fire). Some people are going to hate that. Fact is, I'm probably the only person who likes Ruben. Yeah, I love my little angel Rube.

Oh, yeah. Why I wrote this. I want to create the interactive story. While you read this, I recommend playing the song at the top of the chapter in the background. I'm going to illustrate this story one day, and I know how to make amateur books, so I made a cover for this story already and I have to finish the rest. This is the longest story I have ever finished. A nice mess, I think it. Maybe you'd enjoy the other version of this tale, but that one will never be finished, so it'd be a bit of a waste and a frustration to read. I hope you like the imagery; I tried to make it as pretty as I could to make up for the obvious confusion that will arise.

A few guidelines that may help you out:

When things are in present tense, that means that the characters are in a timeless place (namely Avalon). If things aren't in present tense, then the characters are in a mortal place where people may die. Also, locations switch often. Fictionpress doesn't allow me to show the particular designs I used to indicate certain transitions in my original, so I'm afraid you'll have to deal with the vague transitions offered by the rulers.

I have also slightly altered the ending from the original. I will post this story's chapters bit by bit.

Please read and review, and I apologize for the long introduction. Also, I must thank those Fictionpress members that reviewed me the first time around. You don't know how much it means to me when people give me constructive criticism and not just empty praise or empty scorn.

Just so you don't feel cheated for reading this whole bit, here is my tale's motto (which you also may not steal):

Every note of different timbre
Each essential to the symphony

I love Gaea's children, even if some of you may not love me.