Don't Let Go

Churning Passion

Within me

I just


Butterflies hatching cocoons

Fluttering my excitement

Craving your kiss like candy

Yearning for your tender touch

Your taste

Comes back to me

As you walk up to me

As I leave my car

In park

With keys in the ignition

You started my engine

When I saw you

Then embracing me roughly

And throwing me against the said car's closed door

My bruises once healed now are renewed

I have always wanted a subscription

Into your amber eyes I stare

Mahogany brown but they


As your taste no longer becomes a phantom pain

Your lips aligned with

My hips

Pressed against you

Hugging so hard but gentle

Like you were welcoming me home after a long journey

And to think the last time we saw each other

Was only…

Last night.

You carry me as far as you can

And we make it to the deck

I walk in the door

You slam it shut

Racing me to the bedroom

Plain but satisfactory

Mattress on the floor with

A single blanket

But with plenty of protection

And you rip

And I tug

Mama won't see the dress's scars

So off it goes

Lying sky clad intertwined in each and own

Beyond my sight is nothing

But eyes and arms caressing holding

Glances and kisses and breathing

I forgot that the car was running but

I also forgot to care

Because your hands

Silk handkerchiefs

Teasing and massaging

While curiosity rules the wayward fingers

Roaming me like the prairie

OH baby

Kisses intensify

Burning inside

Pleasure cannot help but to sink in

Scream # 1

But you keep going

And we claw and scratch

You bite your teeth

Vampire style over my neck

Scream # 2

I feel the snuggle fuzziness

Especially when you penetrate deeper

Scream # 3

Long at last your burden is lifted

But you keep going

Scream # 4

Coherent thought impossible

Scream # 5


We fall apart and break away

But not without kisses plenty goodbye

I am blinded by our purity

Our love, which we express through our exchange of

Mind soul and body

We truly lie together faced with the truth of no more lies

Weakened legs cant stand-alone

So we stay

And I cannot help but cry at our perfection

"Baby I know I told you to hang on for the ride

Don't let go, even if you're scared"

"How could I ever leave?

With our love knot flower stems tugging at my heart

We are tangled together forever

I couldn't let go without killing us

I wouldn't let go


And I want to I need to

Do you?"

And then you smiled

Tickled my chin with your fingers lovingly

"Isn't it obvious?

But you need no strings to tie me down."