2 to 1

I wonder what it's like to be him,

Her, him?

No longing to have their life;

It's probably as bad as mine, if not worse.

I wonder what it's like to be him?

It looks so sweet.

And just the opportunity.

(Would it be that…) It would be great.

So many times I catch myself watching.

I wonder. I wish.

It's so bad for me. (Is it?)

I'd love the chance. But at what price?

I'm still screaming,

But for different reasons.

2 to 1,

And I'm lost.

2 to 1 and I could be free.

AN: This is an odd little poem and certainly not one of the best, the only mitigating factor I can think of to save myself from the horror that I wrote these lines is that it's well over a year old. The reason I'm posting it, far from being proud that I've written it, is that it reminds me of a part of my life I don't really touch any more. If you like it thank you, if you understand it I will be beyond happy that someone can see through vagueness and bad writing.