The End.

There you have it folks. I'd like to thank God for making me able to write and complete this whole thing, and also for giving me so many fantastic friends to help me through it all. I doubt I would've written as much as I did if I didn't have everyone reading as often as they did. I'd especially like to show my appreciation to my dear friends Four Minute Warning, Shadow Reina, dkrune, CrystalEye, and Tina, because if it hadn't been for them, Space Tail would've flopped and I would probably never finish writing a story on my own.

What's next? Well, there's still Malevolent And Undoubtedly Grotesque Arthropods (which I highly recommend you read if you've gotten this far and are disappointed to not have any more chapters), and within the next month, I intend to post the sequel to Space Tail. For now, I plan on rewriting Space Tail, and once it has gotten the approval of my friends, I shall look into getting it published.

Until we meet again, I bid you farewell, and I thank you for reading as far as you have.