that machine gun stare with sulfur smoking from nostrils (contracting). your heart--stewed in benzene--sheds bullets despite the (seemingly) timid exterior that's justforshow. (delicacy is beauty -so you've heard- and you long to be beautiful.) a three leaf clover with a single leaf glued on to make it a lucky four is t(r)ap(p)ed on your vanity mirror. atlantis is your backdrop to a dramatic life(style/time movie)--serenity amongst turmoil. but this world, my love, is an explicit scene from a wwii documentary and i know underneath-it-all you are unstable&unprepared for this nuclear war (within). the benzene is leaking into the core and you can't stop those cancerous toxins from causing a massacre.

your facade is obscured / d e f i n e . r e a l i t y