It's okay
To rip my heart out
And squeeze the life
Right out of it
Without thinking
That I might bleed
For eternity

It's okay
To throw it so hard
Against the floor
And step on it
So that it won't fit
Into my fragile body
Ever again

It's okay
To laugh at me
While I'm dying
Right in front of you
Knowing that I'll never
Be able to survive
Without my heart

It's okay
To pick up the pieces
And try to mend them
So that I can hold it
In my hand
When I breathe
My very last breath

It's okay
To tell me you're sorry
For what you just did
So that I'll forgive you
And tell God
That you belong in heaven
When you die

It's okay
To kill me for nothing
My life wasn't worth
A single thing anyway
I just thought I'd tell you
That I don't mind
And I forgive you

It's okay…