I need someone to hold me

And listen as I spill my heart out,

But I am alone

Even though the house is not empty.

I reach out in hope of grabbing someone or something to me,

But nothing enters my reach.

My head is screaming,

My fingers entwine my hair and release.

My body is stiff and slightly convulsing.

I reach out again and pull back my knee;

My arms wrap around (though nothing hugs back)

The same way they would someone who had been missed dearly.

My fingers dig into my leg

And my nails rake along the side surface

As tears stain my face.

Suddenly I stop and walk to the mirror.

Even though my vision is blurred,

I still see beauty.

I am desperate for comfort, and

Sometimes paper is the only thing that listens

So I eagerly grab paper and ink

And onto it,

I spill my heart out.