Ok, our internets been down for a couple of days, so while it has, I've just scribbled this little idea down when I had the chance. I thought it would make my First characters seem a lot more... well... real.

Here we go. I hope you like it.


My name is Robyn McVay. And I have always known I wasn't normal. Not just like, an outsider kind of abnormal, but the really, truly abnormal.

You see, I have an unusual amount of brain power for my age. Almost sixteen, I have the intelligence of at least ten full-grown scientists, locked in my head. I can grasp equations easier than the snap of a finger, and mathematics is almost no challenge at all. In fact, I don't think it ever was.

I know, by now you're wondering who this crackpot girl is, but I'm serious.

You see, I'm one of five genetically enhanced children. I am the Third Child. And once, that was all I was called.

Well, until my older sister- in a sense- set us free from the prison we grew up in. That prison was the lab where we were created.

The night she did though, the five of us somehow got separated from one another. I never saw her, or the others, ever again.

But I always think about them. Always. My sharp memory never lets me forget them. I remember everything, especially that horrible night...

"Hey, runt!"

My head snapped around to see Kevin, my older step-brother, grinning down at me. I instantly slammed my book shut, smiling up at him.

"Hey, what's up?"

"You spaced again. Mum's been calling you for like five minutes now"

"Oh? OH! SORRY!" I bolted up, running outside to where mum was hanging out the washing. Not my real mother, but she treated me pretty well. In spite the fact that she had two sons already, one older and one younger than me.

"Sorry about that mum. What's up?"

She sighed "It's all done now, so don't worry"

She picked up the empty basket, balancing it on her waist as she walked past me, patting my head then going inside. I followed her, guilt welling up inside of me.

"Oh mum, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to space that badly"

"I'm really starting to worry about you Robyn"


"You've been spacing out a lot lately. It makes me think you may have a medical problem"

If only she knew.


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