They judge me while I walk
They judge the words I say
They can rattle my brains, outta' my mouth
And do it for a pay

Conspiring little conniving back-stabbers who take you for a fool
They judge my life to exploit its faults and then recruit me at my school
They judge me as a loyalist, a stooge without a mind
When they're precisely the reason why humanity is pushed so far aside
They judge me as if it is granted that I should serve and "protect"
Well I'm sorry, mr. President, I'm not a nationalist

They store me in their database
They judge me as a pawn
Well that's OK, I know of the men from the draft board
And I've judged them long before

Note: To all of those who may be confused over the reference concerning the "man from the draft board," I use this expression deliberately to show that the US army is not composed of volunteers, but what the government likes to call "recruits." Funny that the bureaucrats should use this terminology, for they also keep a computer database that covers all types of schools (i.e., public, private, etc.) of students eligible for the war (they especially love the lower class). There's no way to avoid their list, and almost worse is that they don't tell you it exists. The ROTC, the army representative at your school – these are devices of a military draft.