Violence in the Media

Summarise four articles

My thoughts to violence in the media:

I deeply agree with media violence influencing real violence in society. I hear stories and see it everywhere. I can see little kids 'battling' one of their favourite TV programs, such as Dragon Ball Z, where all the characters spend their time battling. The show has sound effects and even the stunning seconds after someone has been hurt. Sure these programs entertain the children, but what are they really doing to the children's mind?

But it's not just the children. In news reports I've found that the criminal/s might have been influenced by watching a gruesome and graphical movie, and repeat what they have seen.

Media Violence has become too large a problem to ignore now. We need to overcome this problem together. I know we can't stop violence altogether because the people who make the games/movies/programs gain profit from selling these things. They don't care about the violence it causes, as long as there's a big wad of cash at the end.

But there are others in the world, who wants to see change. To help more people become aware they have started by:

-teaching it in schools so the youths of this society are now aware of the problems

-trying to invent blocking systems, such as the 'v-chip' or blackbox

-classifying movies or shows before previewing them

-try to bring their children up away from the media violence

And form many organisations against media violence to discuss and try to differentiate the laws about violent viewing. Such as ratings in games/movies for certain age groups.

I believe that more needs to be done, and am glad to have learned further into this topic. I'm glad to share my views, and hope they account to something. Hopefully to help change the ignorant minds in our world so there is a lot less violence in our media.

By Leah Sheppard