This is just something i had to write in my Media Studies Class


2. It is argued that 'real' violence, such as that seen on the news, are much more disturbing then fictionalised violence. Discuss this intention.

I believe real violence is much more disturbing than fictionalised violence because it really is happening. TV programs, such as Lost for instance, have dead bodies showing from the plane crash. They don't look like the real thing because they are never swollen, bloated or covered in insects, and the bodies still have parts, such as eyes, in perfect condition.

When people are playing games with violence, like a first-person shooter game, they are killing and causing destruction, but they are not really witnessing what would really happen. In games, you don't feel the sorrow at knowing that you have just killed a human being. In games, you're not living the real event and your not there when the war is over, fighting with the depression and the losses from both sides.

Even though video games are becoming more and more realistic, they still don't equal to the terror of real violence. These children who play the games, once they've finished a level or whatever they were doing, turn it off and never think about it again. Whereas people who have really suffered from violence could be having nightmares, flashbacks, could be feeling guilt, may even have serious mental problems. Games can never be as disturbing as 'real' violence because it doesn't show the true meaning of 'violence' to people.