Chapter 1:

Jasmine looked up to the sky with a face of confusion and interest. The sky, only a minute ago, had been a bright, peaceful blue. Now it was turning to an eerie black.

Storm clouds were brewing fast and covering the sky with threatening booms. Jasmine just stood there, frozen in place. It all seemed so weird for a storm to arrive so quickly. The sensible part of her mind was yelling at here to hurry home to safety, but the curious part was holding her captive on the cliff top, overlooking the thrashing blue seas.

Jasmine's blue eyes were focused on the rumbling clouds. A form was taking shape in the body of the clouds. A female dressed in finely woven silk, descended down thundering steps. When she reached the ground she started walking towards Jasmine.

As feeling came back into Jasmine's legs, her mind told her to start running away from this strange woman that had appeared from the clouds.

'Don't go! I need your help, ' the lady called to jasmine in a soft melodious voice. Jasmine halted and slowly turned back around.

'What do you mean you need my help?' Jasmine replied with a shake in her voice.

'I am Pilatia, Goddess of Dolphins, and I need an immortal such as yourself to save me', said the Goddess, 'The dolphins in the oceans are dying, and with each death I become weaker and start to fade. If someone doesn't do something soon I will disappear and be gone forever'. Pilatia kept on explaining about the troubles and dangers of the lives of the remaining dolphins and herself.

Jasmine listened intently, until finally the Goddess asked her,

'So will you help me?'

'Yes, I will help you', Jasmine answered, 'Only one thing'.

'And what would that be?' the Goddess asked.

'How do I save these dolphins and yourself?'

'I will give you the gift to speak to animals, and together you must find a way to save them.'

And with that the Goddess walked back up the stairs and disappeared into the clouds.