Chapter 7:

'Now Jasmine, your father and I have discussed this afternoon's activity and we both never want it to happen again, understood?' her mother said.

'Yes, and I'm sorry for lying to you before', said Jasmine getting under her doona cover.

'That's another thing', said her mother sternly, 'We want no more lying form you'.

'Okay, I promise I'll never lie again', said Jasmine.

'Pinkie promise?' her mother asked tickling her through the covers.

'Pinkie promise', agreed Jasmine, 'Just stop tickling me'. Jasmine was laughing now and holding up her pinkie as if it were a white flag.

They shook pinkies then her mother got up and switched off the light.

'Goodnight Jasmine', she said.

'Goodnight Mum'.


The next day Jasmine got up bright and early. She was feeling happy today, until she remembered it was a school day. That changed her mood entirely.

She greeted her mother and father with muttered curses of the people who had ever caused her trouble. Including more than half the school.

After breakfast her mother offered to drive her to school instead of Jasmine having to catch the bus.

'Sure mum', said Jasmine, 'That would be great'.

She got her bag and hurried to the car. As she put on her seatbelt she heard a voice in her head. 'Well done Jasmine, you have already finished one of the hardest parts of this journey, good luck!' It was Pilatia. Jasmine smiled to herself a secret smile, maybe today wouldn't be so bad after all.

After school she went home and lay down in the warmth. All of a sudden she felt a thud near her deckchair. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself face to face with an eagle.

'Kohan?' she asked, still a bit groggy from her nap.

'Yes Jasmine, I need your help', explained Kohan, 'Pilatia said to come and get you'.

'I can't just leave!' she said, 'I'm already treading on fine lines with my parents'.

'But you must', he said, 'It's about the calf Sapphire'.

'Oh my god! What's wrong?' she asked.

'No time to explain, I must carry you over to the beach', he said, 'Don't worry I can easily pick you up'.

He had clearly mistaken why she was shocked. How was she going to hide the talon marks from her mother when she washed her t-shirt?

Without anytime to answer he picked her up and launched himself into the air. Huge wings picking up speed and height more quickly than Jasmine had imagined.

He started flying off in the direction of the beach. 'But why the beach? Shouldn't he be going to the Vet's?' thought Jasmine as they glided over the houses. She hoped beyond hopes that no one saw what was happening. She'd be claimed even more of an outcast then.

At last Kohan slowed down and gently dropped her onto the beach where Pilatia stood, dress slightly blowing in the light, cool breeze.