Love Chastise

I lead myself into an invincible starvation for you.

What you do

I don't know how feel when around your words.

For one I loved so much

Still I do long to feel your touch.

You hurt me in ways you will never see.

With you

I long to be.

It is you that holds

All the power and me left alone

My heart appears as cold as stone.

The cover of every lost dream

Nothing is what it can seem.

Where have you brought me?


I'm so deep.

You've casted upon me the endless wonder.

And now I'm knee deep and almost under.

What are you going to do now?

Leave me alone to the darkness below.

A soft voice whom chants unforgiving melodies to my ear

You never leave my thoughts alone.

Just the continuance of drone

Love chastise


Leave me alone.

As I drown.