Quiet Thoughts


I walk along the broken tiles

That lead predictably away from the gate


The clouds are sharp blossoms of watercolour

Pressed primly against an indifferent washed-out sky

Blue seeping into a half-hearted yellow glow

It drizzles

Just enough

Warm droplets hanging like

milky static in the air

Restless, sizzling just beyond the edge of my vision

Psychedelically clear outlines

A gritty pixilated photo

Everything feels on edge in

The cranky whispering of the impatient afternoon

--- setting hurriedly on itself


Time lulls and my senses dull

A mocking haze drifting

Over that subtle sense of unease

And I watch

As shades of humanity flicker by


The bus stop seat feels hard beneath me

--- I wonder what train drivers see when

They rush by a drooping rainbow of passengers

Clamouring silently

To go home

That raindrop hanging from the roof

Scorns laughingly

And I sit in slow torture as it grows fuller and fuller

Taking a split-second eternity

Before driving itself freeze-frame by frame

Into the grit-scrubbed pavement

A skipped beat away





Then the vehicles restart their sweet grinding melody

In my ears once more

Traffic sounding so smoothly oiled ---

The trees have broken out of their thick stupor

And are waving gently in the

Now present breeze

That gracefully soothes the restless buzzing

Heart of the city

Hot fading tenderly into cool

The changed sky glows sweetly golden

Blending subtly the patient hues of purple and blue

Flowing serenely together


I marvel.. evening has set!

In that tiny moment when the whole world collectively

Holds its breath

Then lets it all out again in a

Gentle whoosh

As the city slowly grinds down to sleep.

--- I feel as if I just missed that moment – like it was something

I should have treasured

But did not


And it is a wry smile that curves my lips

While I drink in the reassuring beauty of it all

--- Stepping up into the waiting bus ---

Allowing another day to reach

Its own perfectly flawed ending.


A/N: Yay! I miss writing so much... well I'm glad I'm updating. It was what I thought some days ago on my way home from school... I wanted to describe the startling, subtle shift from afternoon to evening, and the marvelous change in atmosphere that went along with it... I suppose I was in a reflecting mood! Well, please review and tell me what you think! (Eyes unclouded: I thought about your colon remark and decided to edit it a little…:))