A/N: Okay, this one will seriously NOT make sense. It's just some random babble I wrote down on a piece of paper when my life was crap. It's not what I would call poetry. The two poems I currently have on this name are not what I would like to call poems. There is no need for reviews. I just wanted this to be posted so people don't feel like they're alone in the world (even though, their problems were probably a lot worse than mine were at the time...)

Dear Life,

When I feel down, my friends cheer me up. When they feel down and come to me... I can't do anything.

I'm a screw up. I'm a mess up. I love, I truely do, but people don't seem to see it. I'm not stupid enough to kill myself, though.

Logic can only get you so far. Instincts will help, but you still can't reach your goal.

I fear death, I fear pain, I fear loss, I fear lies. I am not included, I am not excluded.

I wish I was the young naiive chilc I once was...so carefree, so innocent. Now look at me. I am mature, grown-up, sophisticated...

My life is different from my childhood self. I have different parts, different sides to me. I have named them... sad, isn't it?

There's Mika, she's logical, brilliant, and mature. Then Faye. She's bubbly, childish, and ditzy. But then we have Amaris...A side of me that only comes out at night or in the worst of times. She's dark, exotic, demented, and depressed.

When I think of the autrocities Amaris has committed, I cannot help but feel sickened. She has started to take control. She has already repressed Faye as much as she can, and she is starting with Mika... The battle wages inside me and I cannot stop it, no matter how hard I try.

I think life is a journey, a sillouette of time, even a facade.

Can I be trusted? Can the person I am becoming be trusted?