Choking on the stagnant air

That seeps from the retched cave

You call your mouth.

Stale and rotting

Your words flow forth

I'm blind, deaf, and dumb

To what you're trying so hard to tell me.

How can I believe

A living lie

Surrounded by the oppressing smog

Of the untruth made flesh?

You say one thing,

But mean another,

Which personality am I supposed to believe?

Glowing eyes,

Ashen soul,

You hug my empty frame,

And somewhere out of my mind,

Looking down on this scene,

I laugh at the picture set before me.

A devil trying to hug an angel;

A peasant trying to hug a prince;

Darkness trying to hug the light;

A lie trying to hug the truth;

No more for you.

My denial, the kerosene;

My eyes, the match;

I set you ablaze.

I'll let you burn now

And walk away

Because of one thing,

I'm sure,

Honesty's the best policy, but it's not yours