I ran up my driveway, soaking wet and I had no idea why I was even outside! Why in the world was it raining in the beginning of June? I sighed as my face started to sting by the sudden warmth hitting my face as I walked through the front door.

"Jess, is that you?" Ohhhh, my mom. She is just like any other mom really, although she isn't a stay-at-home type of mom. She is into business, a lawyer to be exact, so she is busy all the time and I barely see her during the day, which is surprising to see her here at this time on a Sunday. She is beautiful. Chestnut colored hair (which I inherited), dark blue eyes, and a gorgeous smile to go along with it all.

"Yeah, hey mom." I walked into the kitchen and her jaw fell open. She starting laughing and I was grinning through chattering teeth. I was freezing!

"Oh honey! Go get changed, you'll freeze to death! Hurry! I have to tell you what happened." I ran upstairs but I could still hear her soft laughter. I walked into the bathroom and glanced at myself in the mirror. My hair was drenched with water, my clothes were plastered to my body, and my forest green eyes looked widened a bit. The color of my skin was drained making me look pale, my arms had goosebumps all over, and my lip gloss was smudged at the corner of my mouth.

I changed into some comfortable jeans and a navy blue shirt I'd gotten for participating in a fundraiser last year and headed downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs I stared at some luggage bags when my mom walked out of the kitchen with a smile.

"I get to go to New York for a business trip!!" No wonder she was so happy! She has always been wanting to go to New York for some reason.

I smiled and made my way over to give her a hug, "Oh, mom! That's great! But when will you be home?" Her face went blank as if she didn't realize what the question was but then she smiled.

"Well, it is a long trip so I'd say three weeks tops." My mouth hung open as I glared at her. How could she leave me alone for three weeks, I mean dad was barely ever home because of his job. He left early in the morning and came home around 8:00 p.m. I frowned, knowing I would be alone most of the time.

I looked up at my mother and she was trying to search my eyes for something. I sighed, "Ok mom. Have fun." Just then I realized that I had three weeks practically to myself! I grinned up at her, her being slightly taller, and saw that there was worry in her eyes.

"It's ok mom, we'll be just fine! I can take care of dad and don't forget to call everyday," I winked. She laughed and hugged me. "So ill take it that you won't be coming with us to the cabin this summer, or atleast you won't be there for a little while?"

"Oh, yeah I'm sorry darling! I completely forgot about that but I will be up there sooner or later," she smiled and I sighed then nodded.

"When is your plane leaving?" She glanced down at her watch and jumped.

"I have to go now!! I'll miss my plane if I don't! Be good, no wild parties, and call okay hun?" She kissed my cheek, grabbing her luggage, and started heading for the door. I was in shock; I didn't expect her to leave so soon.

"Wait! Does dad know?"

"Yes, Jessica he does. I called him earlier and he understands," I nodded. "Oh and he has something very important to tell you when he gets home as well. Bye honey, I love you!" The door closed as I peeked out the window through the blinds. It was still raining, hard. I shook my head and headed upstairs to get started on my homework.

Before I knew it, my alarm went off as I pounded it, signaling another joyful Monday of school.

Ok, this is my first fiction thing so bare with me! haha yeah i know im a terrible writer but im trying to improve that is why im doing this P Anyways im working on the next chapter and it should be up very soon.