This Can't Be Happening


Jessica ran a hand through her hair and pulled it up into a messy ponytail. She was twenty-five now. Just last year she had gotten her Master's Degree and now she's working on her PhD for her goal of becoming a Marine Biologist.

She smiled as she unpacked her things while Derek was bringing up more boxes into their house. He was now a very successful businessman; his money bought this whole two-story mansion.

Two months ago on August 12, they had gotten married on the same beach that they made the promise to one another. Jessica glanced down at her wedding ring and grinned.

Derek shuffled through the door into their bedroom, easily carrying a box half the size of Jessica. Derek was still as handsome as he was seven years ago, he was taller and his muscles had expanded even more.

He kissed her cheek, "Where does this go, hun?"

"You could probably put that in the corner over there," she pointed her finger to the designated place and he nodded. Jessica watched his muscles ripple as he stretched and then watched the famous smirk come into place when he caught her staring. Her breath caught.

"You think you're so funny when you walk around the house shirtless don't you?" She asked. He only smirked wider and came toward her. She backed up, "Derek, not now. I am unpacking," she said frantically, but she couldn't help the grin appearing on her beautiful features.

"Since when has that stopped you before?" He huskily asked. Jessica gasped and pushed his warm chest. He fell down, and purposely dragged Jess down with him. He caught her full lips with his and then pulled back teasingly. "You were saying, Mrs. Sanders?"

She glared at him and then kissed him passionately. Jessica unbuttoned his jeans that hung dangerously low on his hips and he groaned while he pulled her shirt off.


The next morning, they laid on the floor of their house because the bed had not been set up yet. Derek was sleeping; his arm draped around her and she silently ran her fingers up and down biceps. Jessica got out from under his arm and got ready. She had a doctor's appointment in twenty minutes and she didn't want to be late.

When she returned Derek was up and started on breakfast. He cursed when the oven wouldn't light and Jess lit it for him. He smiled at her and she rolled her eyes laughing.

He hugged her and asked, "Where did you get off too?"

"I had an appointment," she mumbled into his shoulder.

"Mhm, about what?"

She smiled and whispered something in his ear. He pulled away a split second later with a shocked but overjoyed look on his face. She smiled as his gaze drifted down to her stomach, and then snap back up to her forest green eyes.

"You're pregnant?" He asked. She nodded happily and he broke out into a grin. He laughed and spun her around kissing her. A small barking noise broke them apart. Bella Anthony decided to come and see what all the commotion was and Jessica laughed.

Five years later

Jessica smiled as she watched her husband roll around with their three children. Bella was lying sleepily on the porch of the backyard, watching lazily.

Hayley was their first child; she is a beautiful girl that has taken most of Jessica's features. She is four years old, starting kindergarten next year. Anne was their second and she was three years old. She was shy but oh so cute. Then finally, much to Derek's relief, they had their boy. Derek had named him Anthony and Jess chuckled when he first saw his son. He's two now but she can already see that he is a splitting image of his father.

Jessica stepped out on the porch that overlooked the ocean. It was a beautiful day outside; the sun was just starting to set. They lived in Orange County, California and it looked like this almost every day.

"Come on kiddos, dinner's ready," she called out to her family. Hayley and Anne raced toward her. Jessica watched with a smile as Anthony struggled to run, then finally gave up and plopped down on the green grass. He started to cry in frustration but Derek chuckled and picked him up.

"Come on squirt, you don't want the girls to beat you," Derek said to him. Anthony giggled and Jessica laughed lightly at the scene before her. She took Anthony from Derek while the other two kids went inside.

"You're a bad influence on him," she said as she kissed him.

"Hmm…I'm doing him a favor. Girls love bad boys."

"Is that a fact?" Jessica asked with an amused smile.

"Yes baby, it is. That's why you were so attracted to me," Derek mumbled between kissed.

"Mmm...I still am."

Anthony tugged Jessica's hair and she glanced at him noticing the impatient look on his features.

"Eww," he gurgled. I laughed and kissed Anthony on his small lips. He turned away squealing with delight.

Derek frowned, "You little rascal," he said to Anthony. Anthony smirked and Jessica gaped while Derek burst out laughing.

"Did he just smirk your smirk!?"

Derek continued to laugh and ruffled Anthony's mop of brown hair, "Yep, he is definitely mine." Derek smacked Jess' butt and hurried inside.

Jessica sighed and looked at her son, "You will turn out to be just like him." He giggled again and they went inside their house.

She smiled at her family and kissed Derek passionately when she was in the kitchen. The girls made disgusted noises and she felt Derek smile against her lips.

"My my, aren't we eager. You're going to have to wait until tonight Mrs. Sanders," Derek said teasingly. Jessica blushed but laughed at him nevertheless.

Hayley looked confused when she spoke, "Wait for what tonight, mommy?" Jessica's mouth dropped and she blushed even more, burying her head into Derek's polo shirt. Jessica heard his chuckled and he started to speak while she listened horrified.

"Well you see Hayley, when two people love each other they have se-," Derek was cut off when Jessica placed her hand over his mouth.

"Don't you dare, Sanders," she warned.

Then he licked her hand and she drew it away. "Ewww!" Derek laughed as the children scampered away.

He leaned her forehead against her, "I love you." She pouted but she responded.

"I love you, too," she said as she gazed deeply into his eyes.

They were still head-over-heels for one another and they still act like they did when they were younger. Everything was perfect for them and Jessica still had a little secret Derek didn't know about.

They were expecting their fourth child.

And she would tell him tonight.

The End.

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