"Post Mortem Love..."

Peeling myself from my bones.

Tears sting what's underneath.

I bandage the strips of flesh,

Keeping the tattered pieces.

Wrapped in a blanket of thorns

To "keep me warm".

I feel so lost and alone-

Yet I stay with you.


My blood is gone-

And somehow you find more.

My soul is near dead-

And you stand by my grave,

Ready to pull me out again and again.

I wish for the darkness

To swallow me whole.

Your candle light is a constant torture.

But I still crave what you give.

I'm eager to die-

And you let me live.

Knife to my wrist,

Let me go, please!


I find it hard to believe

That you want to love me.

I can't see what you see,

No matter what you say.

There will never be a time or place-

That you'll touch my face.

How can you love the dead-

What do you see in me?


You're my Angel of Death-

Hovering over my darkest wish.

Trying to bring me back to life-

With your words and gentle kiss.

(Whispered in the background: I want to go, but I can't....I need you so... but I can't...) (Refrain- repeat 2x's then fade)