A New Prince Charming


In most every story, the heroine falls for a dashing young man, rich or not, but strong, righteous, smart and kind all the same. This is not one of those stories. For one thing, how ever strange this may seem, this is based off a true story. Oh, yes, the other oddity is, the "prince charming" so called, wasn't the most dashing in the world, nor was he all that kind, in the start. I cannot say he wasn't smart, he was, but he wasn't all that wise. There's a difference, perhaps a very fine line, but the difference is there all the same.

No, Nicolaus wasn't the most popular in the school; supposedly we didn't have a popular crowd, but as anyone who's attended any middle school should know what nonsense that is. He was tall, had brown hair nearly the colour of mud, descriptive as that may be, wire rimmed glasses that would turn dark in the sun. He was thin, bony, and an amazing sprinter, all the more reason, in my eyes, to despise him, for I myself am a runner.

You are probably thinking 'Why does she hate this person, he just sounds like any other middle school nerd.' Pardon the term 'nerd' I myself know how offensive it can be. No, I suppose the real reason I hated Nicolaus was the fact that he had lived in England for four years. I was in England, the London airport to be precise, about a month before my sixth birthday, for four hours on the way to and back from Europe and have longed to back since, but this time, really look around.

This is the story of the school year 2004-2005. It's the best I can do to show how one little misstep can be the ruination of so many people's year, and how one person, one little word, can cause all the difference in whether you have a life long friend, of a life long enemy.