Incredible, this place was incredible.

Leon lived in an immense castle, which I saw briefly as I walked through it after my bath. The walls are beautifully decorated with paintings and flowers, and the ceiling rises high in every room. The floors are wooden in the corridors and covered in thick, silky carpets in most rooms.

But still, I felt very nervous. My sire hadn't told me where he would be taking me, and the truth about being a vampire was starting to sink in. I was getting scared, but trying to control it.

I had no idea how to act anymore, or who I was. Was I really a bloodthirsty monster? Was I still Vincenta Greenfield? Was I really blessed, like Leon said?

I found myself wishing things could be back to normal, even though I had always wished for such a different, exciting life.


Vincenta's jaw dropped as the nymphs brought her into her magnificent room. Words could barely describe the beauty of the place: a dark bed covered in sheets of red and black, a thick carpet and high ceiling that was criss-crossed by strange signs and walls covered in wonderful paintings of dragons and handsome demons. There was a door that opened onto a white bathroom, and a large wardrobe foretold the presence of many clothes.

"This. . . this is mine?" The girl stuttered, as the women rushed her into the room without an answer, smiling prettily.

Vincenta found herself facing a large and tall mirror, and was stunned to see how pretty she looked now: her dark hair was slightly longer than before, and looked incredibly smooth, like a river of silk. Her large eyes sparkled smartly on a pale face, and her entire body had a moonlit glow. On top of that, white, pearly fangs poked gracefully from under her full, red lips, giving her an exquisite look.

The girl gasped as the nymphs skilfully removed the bathrobe that had been covering her, and she found herself shivering, naked in the cool room. With a graceful sweep, one nymph opened the wardrobe and withdrew a long, delicate black dress from it.

Viniie stared at it and was suddenly helped onto a stool in from of the mirror, and the women began to dress her.

It took almost no time at all, and soon, the young vampire found herself in the black dress, which seemed to have been made for her, so well it fit her frame. Vincenta was then adorned with a glistering black necklace, two silver rings and a couple of bracelets that glittered on her graceful write prettily.

All along the nymphs smiled and bowed, looking more than delighted to be dressing the young lady.

Feeling oddly awkward, Vincenta smiled at them kindly.

"Thanks. . . you. . . you guys really know what to do. . ." She gave a nervous little laugh as her feet were clad in a pair of low-healed shoes.

'You looked even prettier than us.'

Viniie cried out and almost fell off the stool when the voice resonated in head. Confused, she stared around wildly, wondering where the voice had come from. It took her a moment to realise that the women looked more amused than ever, and then the girl understood: their spirits had connected, and one of the nymphs had talked to her.

'You. . . can you hear me?' The young vampire tried uncertainly, thinking the sentence in her head.

'Only if you want us to.' Several voice answered at once.

'Oh, wow. . .I. . . is my spirit connected like Leon's now?' Vincenta asked, amazed.

'No, not like Master Leonard's. He can control his spirit with incredible skill; it will take you time before you can do so as well. It may happen that people around you will hear your thoughts without you wanting them to, in the beginning. But you will learn, Lady Vincenta, do not worry.' One nymph nodded, and the girl figured that it was she who had spoken.

'Alright. . . well, thanks for everything, I guess. . .' She answered softly.

The nymphs looked delighted.

'You are welcome. But we must leave now; our Master will be here soon. Good day, lady Vincenta.'

And without another word, the bowed their way out quietly.

Viniie watched them leave, and when the last one was gone, she carefully stepped down from the stool, and looked at herself in the mirror.

'Wow. . . I really do look pretty. . .' The girl smiled at her reflection, which smiled right back.

'Yes, you do.' A grave voice answered in her mind, making the girl jump. She turned around and found Leon standing in the doorway, casually looking at her with a smirk on his face.

"Thanks. . ."The young vampire mumbled, blushing. The man extended a pale hand.

"Come, lets go."


He brought her to another castle by horse carriage. This castle was murkier and darker, but rose just as high as Leon's. There were many important-looking people walking through the front doors, all dressed in formalwear, all looking smug.

"Today you will learn how idiotic and blind the human race really is. Watch as none of them will realise we have fangs, or that our eyes are more devilish than theirs. Watch as they only see us as beautiful being, and they all fall under our charm." Leon smiled handsomely as he helped his lady out of the carriage. Vincenta smiled back, and many nearby men turned to look at her, awed at her beauty, while women admired Leon.

The pair walked up the steps into the castle, followed by looks of wonder, looking at each other like accomplices.

All night long, as she was asked to dance by many men, Vincenta observed their behaviour as Leon told her to, going as far as reading their minds and thoughts. She was surprised to find how many minds were perverted and corrupted amidst this rich group of people.

Most men wondered how her body must look without that dress when they looked at Viniie, and women were willing to do anything Leon asked them to do, if he did.

As the soiree passed, Leon ordered Vincenta to follow him. She did, leaving behind men that were just dying to talk to her, and women that were bursting from jealousy. They walked out of the castle and into a pretty garden filled with tall trees and thick bushes.

The girl's sensitive ears picked up the sound of breathing nearby and she traced it to a man and young woman sitting on a bench nearby. Leon grabbed her by the arm delicately and they began to walk around.

'Now I think you are ready to do what all vampires do. Feed. It is quite simple, really. All you have to do is let your instincts of hunger take over, and forget about that tiny voice called conscience that still resides in the confounds of your mind. Whatever you do, you mustn't doubt in yourself, understood?' He explained through their mental link, caressing her soft hand distractedly.

"I don't think I can. . ." The girl whispered very softly, biting her lip.

Quite suddenly, Leon grabbed her around the waist, turning her around so she would face him and pressed his lips lightly to hers. Shivering in delight and confusion, Vincenta returned his kiss, pushing her cold body against his like someone in love.

The vampire broke the kiss with a certain regret and looked down upon his apprentice, which seemed to be wondering just what happened.

'Think of it as an art, princess. Trust in yourself, and in me. Come on now.'

And he swept away like a shadow, heading directly for the couple on the bench.

They never knew what hit them. Leon pulled back his head and sank his long fangs in the young girl's neck, covering her mouth with his hand so she wouldn't make a sound. As expected, the young man sprang back with a terrified gasp, and tried to make a run for it, but Vincenta was waiting for him.

Shutting out all logic and reason from her numb brain, the vampire girl pulled the man towards her as if to hug him, but instead bared her pearly fangs and bit gracefully into his throat.

The man chocked and tried to push her away, but she held on, and eventually, he dropped down to the ground, dead.

Leon walked up to her with a smirk on his face, eyes sparkling.

"We are artists, my love." He said lovingly, pulling the young vampire into a gentle hug.


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