Hear it,

Whining outside your window;

The earth, it howls,

Sighing with the snow.

And all the while,

It stings with its chill,

I shall not run away,

I'm standing still.

The cold, it burns,

It sears my skin,

But internally, I am a rock

I will not give in.

It throws itself upon me,

I am at its will,

But I am just as strong,

I'm standing still.

I can endure

All it throws at me,

No vicious wind, nor stinging ice

Can make me plea.

I am strong, and resolute,

I, you cannot kill,

Despite all the odds,

I'm standing still.

I've beaten the odds,

Endured harsh climes,

Battled against you all,

And now it's my time.

The world is at my rule,

Look up, and there you will

Find me staring back down at you,

For I am standing, still.