Slipping Away by writerforever

We have been the best of friends

You were the one that entered my life

When I was in desperation and lost

As the friendship grew

I fell more and more in love with you

I tried to tell you

I tried to let you know how I felt

But you never seemed to take the hint

Fear has held me back from confessing my true feelings

We would talk of love

And of finding that special someone

But it never occurred to you

That you were my special someone

Now it is too late to tell you how I feel

You've met someone else

And I saw stars in your eyes when you spoke his name

I saw the joy upon your face

A kind of joy that only comes

When you meet that special someone

I have let you slip away from me

But I love you

So I want you to be happy

So I will stay in the shadows

And watch as you slip away

You are slipping away from me slowly

Slipping away…