Two Worlds

She walks down the street

She stares at her feet and sighs

Her shoes are worn and dirty

Her jeans are torn at the ankles

She turns the corner and averts her eyes

Her nails are cracked and short

Her shirt is old and too big

Her jacket is thin and holds no warmth

He paces back and forth

He pulls at his mustache in frustration

His model stands before the judges

He glances at the clock

He smiles at his model

Tears brim his greedy eyes

He claps his hands in triumph

He escorts his model out the door

She opens up the door

And watches the pageant in awe

How she longs to be beautiful

How she longs to be loved

She glances at her nails and stuffs them in her gloves

She sheds a tear and bows her head

She rises and heads out the door

He opens the limousine door

His model climbs in with grace

His eyes turn hard and empty

He scribbles in a notepad

He watches as she struggles

He weighs her after each meal

He arranges the next pageant

His model has to win

She undresses back at home

She throws her clothes onto the floor

She sleeps in holey pajamas

Her pillow is damp with tears

She gazes out the window

And stares up at the stars

She makes her desperate wish

She cries herself to sleep

He combs his model's hair

Breaking stands of perfect hair

He yanks through golden locks

And doesn't hear yelps of pain

He escorts her through the door

He watches her fake smile grow

He heads to the back row

He waits for the pageant to begin

His model hides her tears

She smiles and appears alright

Her nails are perfectly manicured

Her hair is perfectly styled

She walks across the stage

She holds her chin up high

She stars into his cold eyes

She sits down with hesitation

She turns her plain head away

Her eyes lock on with the model

They share all their tears

They share all their pain

She watches as she turns

She watches as she leaves

She crosses the intersection

She smiles to herself in secret

She throws off her gloves and laughs

She cries with tears of joy

She wasn't perfect or special

She didn't have a name

But she had a smile on her face

She was beautiful

His model was a diva

She had all the right clothes

She had a lot of money

But she couldn't buy her happiness

So she walked to the limousine

She turned and kept on her road

She had another dream in mind

She smile and shed tears of joy

A/N: Eh … not one of my best, yet again. Sorry. That was a really choppy ending. Blech. Criticism, please. –Damaged--