The trees choked with fears,
Their leaves wet with the sky's tears,
Animals are scared of what they'll see,
While men are chopping wood for you and me,
You can feel the sadness all around,
You can see no tracks on the ground,
Another group vanishes never to be seen again,
As their worlds have met their end,
The haunting silence,
So thick and dense,
The loneliness of what was here,
Was what I have feared,
Nothing lives anymore,
Everything that breathes no more,
No more life,
Just like tension cut by a knife,
No more love,
Of what was once below and above,
Many lives ruined,
Never to be defended,
Once is lost is never found,
No feeling is around,
What lives no more,
What sleeps no more,
What is real and what is fake,
What does it matter if all breaks,
When will this ever end,
When willthis never happen again,
Crying tears ever so silent,
Every fear is violent,
What is lost is never found,
Why can't it be the other way around.

Author's note: This is my last poem for a while. As you might know I am currently trying to raise awareness and money to the rainforest situation and how we can help. So if you are one who wants to help out with the cause then go and make flyers!


P.S. Yes, this is about the rainforest!