So You Think You Know Me?

Prologue: For Richer Or Poorer!!

Hi. My name is Harmonia Louise Gregory, but everyone calls me Harmony (everyone but my mom, she calls me Lou-Lou. Ew!). I'm nothing all that special, kinda cute, I suppose, smart enough, and kinda nice (depending on the mood you catch me in). My mom, Iris Gregory, is a nice, affectionate person with a big bust, and a gorgeous face. My dad, Logan Gregory, is a gruff, but loving man with a silly mustache and pristine perfect clothes. Not to mention, he's obsessed with his work.

I have wide blue eyes, long, blonde hair, a size 10 body with a big bust and a bubble butt, and a round face with high cheek bones.

So, I suppose you could call me somewhat normal, except one little thing…

I live a double life.

And no, I don't mean like I screw around on my boyfriend behind his back, or I do drugs or something like that.

I mean, I actually live two, very different lives.

One of them is at my school, Lincoln High. There, I'm just a poor girl with hardly any friends. I watch from the sidelines, but am invisible to most all the students. But that doesn't bother me. I probably know more about their lives then they do, anyway.

Then there's the rich girl who lives in the four-hundred room mansion. In this life, I have so many friends, that it isn't funny. If, that is, you care to call those fakes actual friends. This girl has connections up the wazoo and has had tea with the Queen of England on various occasions, had lunch with the President of the U.S. of A. on what most would call a regular basis, and has more money in her personal bank account than most people would ever see in ten lifetimes.

And no one (except my parents) has a clue. They all think they know me. Every single one of them. They all think that there can't be anything more to me than what meets the eye. They think that I'm just a loser without a life, or a rich, spoiled brat that has everything she could ever dream of.

And, they're wrong.

But they don't know that, and I don't see any reason why I should enlighten them.

In Washington D.C., everyone is obsessed with money. Which is part of the reason I didn't give out the information that I was rich at my school. I didn't need people latching on to me just to get my money! I have enough of that as it is.

And I'm considered this hot-shot girl by night, by all the high-flyers in the city. All the kids wanted to be my friend, but only because I was a connection. There were few exceptions to that rule, but I hung out with the exceptional people a lot anyway.

One exceptionally gorgeous, exceptionally rich, and exceptionally vibrant girl I knew, and was my best friend in our glittery and unreal world, was Lana Delloney. She was nice, not snobbish in the least, and liked to do charity work all the time. I loved her to death, but her 'there is good in everyone' point of view can be really annoying at times.

My best friend at school would have to be Zanora Anderson. She likes punk music, wears clothes she finds at the thrift store (which is quite refreshing for me), and who enjoys yelling insults at the top of her lungs about the, who else, popular crowd.

At night, my crowd was the most popular crowd. Lana and I were considered the biggest belles at every ball. But I never believed a word of it. I mean, Lana deserves it, sure, she could be a model, easy, but I think they only say things like that because our parents are the richest of the rich. So, we are the richest of the rich. And that is saying a lot if you hang with our crowd.

At school, the popular crowd is Bitsy Carmichaels, Nina O'Ryan, Mina Wittle, Destiny Longdale, Fiona Miles, Lisa Dales, Rachel Wells, and Malorie Valentine. Malorie Valentine and I never got along all that well. Ever since the day I started at Lincoln High, she's hated me. Don't ask me why. I walked into my first class, and she gave me the evil eye, and has had it out for me ever since. If you hadn't guessed, Malorie Valentine is the queen bee at our school with her long blonde hair and her mile-long legs. And her semi-rich dad.

You see, no one at our school was very rich. All the really rich kids went to the private schools in the area.

Well, at least that's what they think, anyway.

The popular boys in our school are kind of hard to explain. There is a long list of them but the only ones that anyone really cares about are David Mitchells, Alex Wells, and Jason Valentine. They were all hot, so hot, even I had to admit on a few crushes through the ages, even with all the name calling.

David Mitchells was the shortest of the three at 6'0" and he had light brown, wavy hair, a cocky smile, and chocolate brown eyes. His physique was tough and very masculine. His biceps were huge and his butt tight. He was on the football team, basketball team, soccer team, and the baseball team every year.

Alex Wells, Rachel Wells' brother, was the middle man at 6'1" and he had straight black hair, a devil-may-care smile, and devilishly green eyes. His physique was muscular, but somewhat more reserved than David's. He was on the football team, basketball team, and the soccer team every year.

Jason Valentine, Malorie Valentine's big brother, is the tallest at 6'3" and he had dirty blonde hair (not that yucky blonde that looks so bad on guys, but a darker form), a sexy smile, and lusty gray eyes. His physique is well-toned, and strong. He was something of a bad boy with his Harley Davidson, but he was also a jock being the star of the football team, basketball team, wrestling team, soccer team, and baseball team. Every girl in our school would die to be with Jason Valentine. I have to admit, even I'm not immune to his charms.

Except, that is, when he is calling me trailer trash, or some such nonsense.

Now, all the name calling might bother me a lot more, if it weren't for the fact that it was so laughingly hilarious. I mean, the morning papers bragged about Ms. H. Gregory all the time, and I was as rich as it gets, but they all called me poor and treated me bad.

The only friends at my school that I had were Zany (the name we had affectionately dubbed upon Zanora), Lily, and Vicky.

At home, I had a million maids and butlers bustling everywhere, and there was rarely a dull moment among the maze of corridors.

So, all in all, I liked my life, or lives, I suppose. It was interesting, if not exactly fun, being the social outcast, and the popular rich girl. Moth of them had their downsides, but they also had their ups. I got to see the world in a way most people never knew they could.

But, as much as I love them, my worlds were great as long as they stayed apart.

But what, you may ask, happens when the two worlds collide?

Let's hope we never have to find out. Because, on that day, all hell will break loose. And my life (or lives) will never be the same.

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