So You Think You Know Me?

Ch. 8: What The Hell Happened To My World?

Malorie's POV:

What the hell is happening to my world?!?

Since when do nobody's like HARMONY become rich, popular superstars? That's not how the story goes! It's supposed to go with me being a rich, powerful person with everything I ever wanted, and her being a nobody with no life! THAT'S HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE!!

I'm supposed to be the richest most popular girl in school! NOT HER!!! How can she steal the limelight from ME?!?!

If she was so rich and all, why did she hide it ALL this time? I just don't get it. Why wouldn't she use her riches to the utmost to get what she wanted? That's what I would do, at least. It just doesn't make any SENSE!!!

How can Harmless Harmony be RICH?!?

I look around me, at all the shocked faces, and am gratified to know that I'm not the only one having these kind of questions.

Harmless Harmony isn't harmless?

Great, we've only been insulting and degrading one of the richest, most popular people on the planet!

We're so screwed!

I wonder what she has planned for us. Whatever it is, it can't be good.

I glance over at my brother, and grimace. Yeah, I knew he had a crush on her for years. But he didn't know I knew. I'd always thought she'd actually be good for him, since, you know, maybe she could teach him some humility. I almost smile, since I know I'm anything but humble myself.

But, still!

I wanted what was best for my brother, and Harmony had always been that, even if she was a nobody. If my brother would have just gotten over himself, and asked her out, I would have helped him make her into a somebody!

I hate the girl's guts, and as far as I know, the feelings mutual, but I always want what best for my brother, even if it is the girl I hate.

But there is little to no chance of that happening now!

My brother is so stupid. I grimace a little again.

Yeah, I'm sure one to talk! No one in the entire school knows who I really have a crush on.

Damn, did I have to go for the biggest badass in school? Why couldn't I go for the white collar guy with nice morals and a good bank account?

I sigh. Well, I guess both sister and brother need a few lessons in humility.

I looked up and smiled slightly. From the looks on the four standing up there's faces, they feel like the ones that are to deliver those lessons.

Well, maybe this won't be so bad, after all. Because if my friends cool down on the whole popularity thing, maybe I can actually get the guts up to tell the guy I like about it.

Harmony's POV:

I watch as the people below me start to mechanically move in the direction of the stairs, going up to their rooms, thinking thoughts probably centered around me. I have to say, being the center of their attention for once is kind of interesting. And profoundly gratifying.

My friends started talking and moving to a different room, I didn't notice this, or that there was one other person standing in the room with me, I was so immersed in my inner musings.

I heard a throat cleared, and finally looked up. I blinked as I realize who I was looking at, then look around to see that we were alone.

"So…I really didn't know you, huh?"

I shiver as Jason's deep voice reaches me. It felt…delicious. But, I frowned a little when I noticed a peculiar note in it. It was almost like…hurt. I shook my head internally. I must be imagining it. What reason would Jason have to be hurt?

"No, you didn't. But you said you were sorry before you did find out about me, so I might forgive you."

I smile at him softly, showing him that I did forgive him.

He smiles softly back, but there still is this look in his eye…Something I don't think I've ever seen there before.

"I'm truly sorry about what I said. About your friends. About…you. I was wrong, and I knew it practically as soon as I said it, if not before."

I heard the sincerity in the words. It was weird, how I was so ready to forgive him. But, then again, I couldn't really blame him, now could I? I had been just as bad, once. Worse, really.

"It's okay, I suppose. You should hear how bad I was before I went to you guys' school and learned what the other half had to take. It was pretty eye-opening, let me tell you."

I smiled and almost laughed as I realized that JASON VALENTINE and I were having a nice conversation.

He smiled back, the look in his eye beginning to recede. He was looking more and more like his old self by the minute. I realized that with a hint of…longing. I liked him sweet, but I was glad that he wasn't hurt anymore, if that was truly what he was.

He scratched the back of his neck a second, then looked at me sheepishly, which was definitely new.

"Well, I guess I'll go up and unpack."

I nodded my head, somehow reluctant, too.

"Yeah, I suppose you should."

He shuffled his feet a bit. And I smiled slightly at the image before me, when he was usually so sure of himself, but now he seemed like a shy little boy with his first crush.

Which was ridiculous, of course. Jason would never have a crush on me. No matter how much I might dream otherwise.

What, he is hot!

"Well, um, see you soon!"

He seemed really nervous, and really reluctant to leave. Almost like he had something he wanted to…do. Or maybe say. Whatever it was, he changed his mind. Suddenly, he turned on his heel and strode away, leaving me behind wondering what he had been thinking.

What the hell is happening to my world?!?

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