Write What You Know

They say write what you know

What do I know?

The calm one

The stable one

The one who's always there

A friendly word

Logical argument

Never fails to smile

Never fails her family

Her friends

Careless words slide off her

Tucked away behind dark eyes


She forgives so easily

Too easily

Cause she can't bear it

Write what I know

I know this girl

Know what the others don't

The lies

Half truths

The fear

And deeper

The hatred

Self contempt

Self loathing

I've seen her crying late at night

The house is silent

Music plays softly

Just loud enough

To disguise her sobs

Eldest child

Steady child

She writes what she knows

And hides it

They won't like what they see

Shattered perceptions

Like the mirror she broke

An accident

They laugh, lovingly

"Such a klutz"

She tucks her bleeding hand behind her

She's not like her sister

When she suffers its in silence

But she's steady

And sturdy.

Not fragile