Small children sit on a bucket of wax

The moon doing so in a hushed manner

The stars fought through the night

Knowing someday the victor would suck the light

The harsh flames of a candle don't matter

It's the bats in the fireplace that drip with chatter

How many empty bottles, Little One? How many gone?

Butterflies are lost in the dreams of trees

Never do they return the same as before

Having overheard the secrets of the last generation's war

Down to the valley we will roam, broomstick in hand

Turn down the sheets before you leave

Into the dawn so no one can see the sorrows they've caused

Deep in frustration I let out small growls

From banshees and blankets and baby blue towels

Sweet to my lips the water does taste

Drink an oasis until the dawn breaks

Smart birds cannot control the anger yet to be disclosed

Dwelling in the thoughts of lady bugs - Do I dare follow?

While the spots no longer live in chaos

Street lamps are free to lead the moths to freedom

And I stand alone down in the hollow

Proud of my work and a job well done

Conducting a symphony of silent fireflies

I wait for the dark ship shining on the horizon

Tired my hand as I write my dark past

Destiny awaits, I do not run fast

Although the morning light shall wake

A life intertwined my hands shall take.