Tear Me Apart---

You're breaking me open
Tear me from limb to limb
The wound is reopened
And you're under my skin

Ripping into my flesh
You're as cold as death
Digging into my mind
And into my life

Why do you tear me apart
To see my insides
There's only a broken heart
Not much for my life
I know you don't even care
I'm your work of art
You are my one nightmare
That tears me apart

You are breathing me out
You're taking advantage
Whispering silent sounds
It's me; me you did catch

So just slice open me
And just pull out my heart
And kill me so slowly
Why'd you rip me apart


Break open my mind
And snake your way in
And pull out the plug
And say that you win

Sneak under my skin
And into my veins
Slip into my blood
Create all my pain

(Chorus 2x)