Sadist America

(An essay on America's secret passion)

The Kennedy assassination, the incident at the World Trade Center, school shootings, freeway accidents, the crucifix, all ways for our society to release some innate sadistic qualities. 'No no' you say. 'When Kennedy was killed I was deeply troubled. It made me sick just thinking about it.' '9/11 will always live on in my heart as the day the towers fell like two enormous tears from the bald eagle of freedom!' Or. 'I slow down because the car in front of me does.' And 'School shootings are horrible and need to be dealt with!' And last but not least 'I wear my crucifix to remind me of the suffering my lord and savior endured just for me!' If all of this is true, then why did you watch him get shot? Why did you watch the towers fall on CNN somewhere near 50 times before you got bored? Why do you look to your right when you pass the accident if you're only slowing down because the red Volvo in front of you has? And why do you watch the news stories on the news just hoping, aching to see the boy point a gun and blow a limb off of his classmate? And why are you disappointed when you realize that the news cameras don't get to go inside? And poor Jesus. If you feel so badly for your savior, why do you insist on seeing his impaled hands and feet? Religion says it's a good thing? Oh. Okay then, if religion say it's okay to celebrate a man's death then it must be okay.

When an entire society doesn't believe in the morals it supposedly supports, you know there's a problem. They played the Kennedy assassination over and over. We all know how it goes. We can all go over it in our minds. He waves to the public... And then it happens! Oh my! It's like a surprise bag every time! A bullet goes though his head. We all admit it's a sad circumstance, one that will be with us till we die. Then why can't we just stop showing it happening over and over and let the initial image remain in our minds forever?

Ah, and the incident at the world trade center. You contemplate not reading this. Because you know it'll reveal something you really don't want shown. Don't worry you can just write me off as a crackpot afterwards. The towers fall, they fall again… and again, and again, and again. At exactly what point did you grow numb of the footage? At what point did you discover the footage of the helpless souls leaping from the windows of the smoking building, and zero in on that? And when a new view surfaced on CNN did you tune in? Did you maybe even phone a friend? 'Carl…… Yeah. They've got a new view of it hitting the east tower… You see it?' And how long did you search online for more?

Admit it. Something is wrong. Somewhere along the line someone lied about how they felt, and a lot of people followed suit. Whatever happened to honest days when a crowd would gather in the center of town and watch a man die on the gallows? How many heads rolled into a bucket before wide eyed citizens decided that it was wrong to like that sort of thing? Historians might babble off that 'the reason people took such joy in seeing these people killed is because the people being killed were ruthless killers and lawbreakers.' The media, religion, just a center of town around which Sadist America comes to view the slaughter of their fellows.