Oh how I love the way I feel

At times of no control.

The greatest level of freedom-

Freedom from yourself.

Insanity is what I crave

To soothe away the rage and pain.

Just to let yourself go

And your brainwaves flow.

To break through all that is around your

After stomping, punching, screaming and fighting it all away.

You know you have reached the final stage of insanity

When you feel the nothingness.

You are no longer sore, just the feeling of joy-

Joy that you have nothing to take;

You're at the point where you don't even understand your problems.

You see and feel the darkness;

You are floating and can't see the ground.

Your body does what it wants.

An ultimate high.

If only I could stay forever

But I can't;

Soon I will get stuck back down

In my problems and in my head.

All my tension will return

And my insides will continue to burn.

Now I'm back-

Back to the place I beagan.

In this world full of confusion

And answers that will never be delivered.

So I wait for a chance to fill the need of my obsession-

To escape life and its depression.

It's my insanity's obsession for insanity.