When someone truly loves each other, people say nothing can separate them. Well, that's in relationships. What about siblings?

A girl sat on her bed and looked at a picture book she had from when she was younger. She ran her finger over a picture and kicked her bed lightly. "Yuuki-san." She closed her eyes and wiped a tear that escaped and still touched the picture. "Yuuki…" She closed the book with a deep sigh. Mikomi was the girls name and Yuuki was her older brother.

She ran her fingers lightly over the cover and traced the light design. Her home phone rang in her room but she didn't answer it. She listened to the ring stop "Okaa-san must have answered it." She shrugged as she walked over to her book shelf and placed the album on its shelf. "Mikomi!" Her mother called her name. She walked out of her opened door and looked over the stair railing "Yes ma'am?" She called out. "Pick up your phone!" Her voice had happiness in it. "You are going to be surprised on who it is!"

Mikomi skipped over to the light blue phone and picked it up. "Hello?" She asked and sat down on the bed. A male's voice came out of it. "Hello Mikomi-chan." She cocked an eye brow when she heard the voice. "Uh… who's this?" The male laughed lightly. "Aww… my Imoto doesn't remember!" Mikomi's eyes went wide. Imoto! Younger sister! "YUUKI-SAN?" She squealed over the phone. "Yes. It's me." She jumped off the bed and smiled. "It's been forever!" She said in a light whisper. "Yes… and I want to meet you today… will you have your mom drive you to Yasashisa Hotel?" She smiled long and hard. "Yeah! Sure!" Mikomi jumped onto the bed. "Today? Will your mom be able to take you?" She thought for a second. "Yeah sure… she can probably take me today." She ran over to the stairs and stood there. "Well, Mikomi-chan, I'll see you then." We soon hung up and she squealed.

Mikomi ran downstairs after throwing her phone onto the bed. "Mom!" She ran half way downstairs. "Will you PLEASE take me to the Yasashisa Hotel? Yuuki-san wants me to meet him there!" She jumped to the ground and ran over to her. Her mother smiled at her and nodded. "Yes honey. Go get my keys and we'll head out." Mikomi ran into the living room and grabbed the keys. "Got 'em!" She yelled out loud and handed them to her mom and ran out of the house and into the car. Her mother slid into the front seat and started the car. "Are you happy that you finally get to see Yuuki again?" Mikomi nodded with a large smile on her face.

After ten minutes of driving and talking, her mother pulled into the front drop off area of the Yasashisa Hotel and she hugged her. "Thank you SO much Okaa-san!" She kissed her on the cheek, got out of the car and watched her roll away in the small white car.

Mikomi walked into the hotel and looked around quietly. It was so beautiful. "I don't think he's here yet…" She had a picture of Yuuki in her hand from when they were younger. She walked to the lounge that was decorated with Sakura things. A small Sakura tree stood close to the window and the chairs were red, pink, black, and mixed colors. She took a seat in one of the chairs and looked around. Little kids ran up and down stairs and mothers talked and shook their heads watching their children. A few older men stood around but none looked like Yuuki. 'He hasn't changed that much has he? His face should have the same features.' She thought to herself and tapped on the chair lightly.

She got bored of sitting there for five minutes and walked over to the front counter. "Uh… excuse me…" She placed her hand lightly on the counter and a young women looked up. She reminded her of Barbie; Blonde hair, bright red lipstick, clear face. "Yes ma'am?" She smiled politely. "I am looking for someone. Yuuki. Yuuki Hitomi." The Barbie looking hotel person researched the name but while she was doing that, a hand was placed on Mikomi's shoulder. "Hello Mikomi-chan." The young woman from behind the counter smiled. "I think you found who you are looking for." Mikomi turned around and looked at the tall man. His face… was just like Yuuki's. "YUUKI-SAN!" She jumped and hugged Yuuki with a huge smile on her face. "It's been forever!" Tears of happiness slipped down her face and Yuuki held onto her. "I saw you over there… you look just like Kokoro." Kokoro was their sister. "It's been so long…" Mikomi let go of the hug and looked at Yuuki in the face. "Mikomi Hitomi." He smiled and put his arm over her shoulder's. "Come on… let's go… catch up." He opened the door for Mikomi and she walked out.

"It's been years… how old are you now?" She thought about how long it's been. "I'm soon to be fourteen." Yuuki smiled and unlocked his car. It was a pretty color blue. It was turquoise but a little bit of dark blue mixed in, small car… a Mustang she thought. "You've grown up to fast. How old were you when we last met? Five? Six." She nodded and slipped into the car. "How old are you now?" Mikomi asked as she buckled up and Yuuki started the car up. "29. And guess what…?" He pulled forward since the space in front was empty and she shrugged. "What?" Yuuki smirked and looked over at her. "You have a sister…" She cocked an eye brow. "I know I do… Kokoro." Yuuki shook his head. "Not only her… you have a sister in law. Or, soon to be." She still sat there confused. "I'm getting married." He said out plain and simple.

Mikomi's jaw dropped. "So who's the girl?" She tapped on her knee lightly and smiled. "Yakusoku." Mikomi thought about the name. "Pretty…" She smiled. Yuuki pulled into a small sushi bar restaurant. "Okay… come on." Both of them got out of the car. They stood outside the sushi bar and Yuuki looked down into her eyes. "I want to tell you this now: No matter how far we are apart, no matter what happens, no matter who comes between us, I'll always love you. You are my sister. Your dumb ass dad can't change that. I'm sorry you have to deal with him, but he won't stop me from seeing you." Mikomi smiled and hugged him. "When we were younger," Yuuki continued. "You were the only step sibling I was truly close to. I want our lives to be back like that." She nodded and continued to hug him. "I don't count you as step," Mikomi spoke up and looked up at his face. "I count you as my true brother."


Yes, it's a family thing. But when I wrote this, it was me thinking about my brother… Greg. I hope you enjoy reading this. It's just a short story I put my thoughts into but made it as different characters. Mikomi represents me. Yuuki represents Greg. Kokoro represents Amanda. Yakusoku represents Hilary.

MEANINGS: Mikomi Hope; Sakura Cherry Blossom; Kokoro Heart; Yasashisa Kindness; Yuuki Courage; Yakusoku Promise; Okaa-san Mother; Imoto My younger sister; -san Older, someone looks up to; -chan younger, same age, friend.