"You don't get it, do you," Jake said angrily, "She's never coming back. Never."

He started rampaging through the house and pulling things off shelves. Picking up a photo album he flipped through it. Then looking from the book with a glare, he flung it against a wall. His glare bore into the eyes of a teary eyed little girl.

"Nothing ends happily ever after like in Disney. No one lives after five bullets to the head. Life isn't a fairy tale," he yells at the girl and all she does is stare at him with tears running down her cheeks.

"Yes it is… It is…" sobs the little girl. Glaring at him, she question him, "How would you know? You've never ridden on a cloud or tasted the rain. You've never experienced sheer bliss."

"And you have?" Jake sneered after this question. "Tell me, Amy. Have you ever ridden on a cloud or tasted the rain? Have you ever experienced sheer bliss?" An expression of disgust came across his face, "How could you? You can't even go outside."

Turning away from him, Amy lowered her head. Fresh tears started to leak down her face as she walked slowly towards the door. Each step seemed to take an eternity in Jakes eyes. Slowly, Amy made her way to the door. Any other day it would have only taken her a few seconds, but today it was taking minutes. Seconds turned to minutes as Jake watched her walk.

Eventually she made it to the door. Several minutes had gone by since she had started her journey. Amy just stood in front of the door staring at it. Raising her hand to the door knob, she clasped it with a shaking hand. Turning the knob, the door open up a bit. Jake then leapt up to stop her. He had grabbed Amy and pulled her into the shadows just as sunlight started to flood through the doorway.

"NO," he yelled. "I-I'm sorry… I was just angry… I didn't mean it… I didn't mean it."

With tears streaming down his face, Jake closed the door. He then continued to pick up Amy. Holding her close, he cradled her as if she was a baby.

"She's never coming back, is she?" Amy managed to say through her tears.

"No… She's not." Jake said quietly as more sobs issued from the little girl as he held her close.