Like a funeral procession,
Such infernal hypocrisy
I cannot breathe
Because you suffocate me:
How can you talk of love
With lips
That once knew
Such a stronger love than this?
I can still feel your kiss
And I understated
Everything you were
And ever will be
Don't you see?
You march along
His hand in yours
I still abhor
This semblance of desire
I need you
And you breathe the same air as I
How can I breathe
When all oxygen is denied?

Something new and much more hip
That's the other side of it
You found out that I was wrong
Such a shame it took so long
You should have known
But then again I should have grown
To be more of a man than this
I broke apart our only bliss

I lie in tatters
And the sight of you makes me melancholy