The drifting of the rain drops fall

As I gaze to the darkened skies

The currents of truth shall

Wash me to a place that lies

Beyond the vast plains of love

A world full of joy and laughter

Leaving me amidst the beauty and light above

Blessed forever with a silent prayer


I close my eyes to you

As you held onto my hand

In your warm embrace I find

A gentle dream

Slumbering within the depths of my mind

But, longer I continued to linger

Unable to release my hold

To stay in your arms eternally

Safe from the dark and cold


Dreaming of a different eternity

Leaving behind the woes of reality


The echoes of life then beckon me

Waking these dreams

But, I continued to believe

Unable to forget the tears

To remember each moment eternally



Living, in this fantasy

My wish, my life, my dream


July 15, 2005


A/N: A poem written in dedication to YoLo NoR with the requested topic of "Dreamers", i hope you like it :D