"Quoi!" Karma yelled, running through the crowded LAX airport. "Quoi, over here!" She waved her arms frantically above her head, attempting to capture the attention of a pretty, lost looking teenager.

Sequoia Walker was a quiet, but perpetually cheerful seventeen-year old. She walked through the airport promptly, excited to see Karma. Karma sized her up from a distance. After all, it had been two years since they had seen each other. Sequoia was taller than before, about 5'1", and her figure was more slender. Her face, though, was as round as ever. A baby face. She was dressed in light denim jeans and an olive green sweater. Her bobbed caramel hair was shiny, like her hazel eyes. Her arms were crossed over her chest, but as she approached Karma at a run, she flung them open to hug her best friend. Her sister.

Sequoia backed up and surveyed Karmiti Barringer. Two years ago, Sequoia had moved to England with her family, leaving Karma and her other sister, Molly Beckman, behind. Two years had changed Karma into an older, but very similar version of her fifteen-year old self. Now seventeen, Karma was taller, like 5'7" taller, and leaner, her face slimmer. Her slate-blue eyes glimmered, like always. She had let her hair grow, though. Karma's golden hair had always been earlobe length. Now, it was to the middle of her back, and straight as a pin. She had filled out in every direction, and she actually had a figure! She wore layers and layers of clothes, all cotton. Hippie. Her shirt was a way too big, white cotton shirt, covered in tiny, ruby rhinestones. Her red cotton shorts were extremely short, but she had the legs for it. Sequoia supposed that all those years of swimming came in handy. Karma's cowhide moccasins were dyed scarlet and were beaded with white wood beads. Sequoia smiled at the sight of Karma, still the same, crazy Karma. The Karma that wore way too much jewelry. The Karma that was loud and loyal. She had missed her so much!

Karma hugged Sequoia again, loving her more than ever.

"Come on!" she exclaimed excitedly. "The airport people weren't going to let us back to get you, but I got loud. You know how I can be. Ever the drama queen. Molly's waiting at the baggage claim!"

Sequoia grinned, feeling her excitement bubbling up. As Karma led Sequoia through the terminal to the baggage claim, her bangles clinking, Sequoia surveyed the airport. The last time she had been in LAX, she had been leaving her best friends behind. Pure agony, and the airport still brought back bad memories. But being back, knowing it was for good, she was euphoric. Well, as euphoric as circumstances would allow. Suddenly, Sequoia jumped onto Karma's unsuspecting back, just like old times. Karma buckled slightly under the sudden weight, but regained balance and momentum, and took off running to the luggage area.

When they reached the door to the baggage claim, Sequoia jumped off and strolled through the automatic door, Karma close behind. The first person they spotted in the mob of irritated travelers was Molly. Sequoia held Karma back, saying, "Hold on, I dunno if I'm ready for that burst of energy yet. Gimme a minute to look at her, before she starts moving so fast that I can't see her."

Karma smiled. "She's calmed down some," she stated, but stopped next to Sequoia.

Molly looked extraordinarily different from the Molly that Sequoia remembered. Molly's once long, straight raven hair, used to have bangs and fell to her waist. Now, it was bang-less, and it fell to the middle of her back in soft curls and spirals. Molly, staring at the screen above the conveyer belt, was not taller. She was still 5'4", still athletically built. Not skinny, but toned. Her olive skin was still blemish-free, her twinkling eyes still gray as a raincloud, still mischeivious. Her clothes were, well, horrible, in Sequoia's opinion. She wore 90's acid-wash jeans that she probably found in her mom's closet and a hot pink and black, midriff-bearing sweater with thick horizontal stripes. And hot pink flip-flops. Ew. But Sequoia smiled, because she still missed her other sister.

"Ok, now we can go." Karma and Sequoia raced each other to Molly, who gasped in shock as the two girls practically bowled her over. Once recovered, she squealed loudly, causing some annoyed stares, and squeezed her best friends in the world into a tight bear hug. She grinned.

"Oh, Sequoia, we've missed you! It's been so long! Like forever! Forever and ever and ever and ever! " Molly cried, as the conveyer belt rumbled to a start.

Sequoia nodded vehemently in agreement as Molly released her. "Tell me about it!"

The girls giggled. Molly did her hyper jig, bouncing first on one foot, then on the other. Sequoia glanced at Karma.

"Calmed down, eh?"

Karma shrugged and smiled. Then came the few moments of awkward silence. As much as they missed each other, it was hard to talk, past how much they'd missed one another. There was plenty to talk about, but the reason Sequoia was there in the first place held them back. They were afraid to say anything that might be misinterpreted into a touchy subject.

"You guys... look, I'm okay. I'm over it. We can still talk. I missed you guys so much, but you know what I missed the most? I missed listening to you guys ramble on and on about nothing in particular. Just listening. That's what I missed the most. Like I said, I'm okay now," Sequoia said quietly.

"But, Quoi, your parents just died. I know you're strong, but..." Karma tried. Sequoia held up a hand.

"Look, for right now, can we postpone this till we get home. I just wanna catch up. And don't prance around subjects just because they might be touchy."

"Damn, you're getting good at the mind-reading," Molly said, laughing. "You know," she said thoughtfully, "it's really cool to here you calling Karma's house home. I can't believe we're all gonna be living together!"

"Yeah!" Sequoia said excitedly. Looking down, she noticed her two large suitcases sliding past. "Ah!" she yelled as she scrambled for them.

"Here you go," a voice said from above her crouching position. She looked up at an extremely hot guy. Tall, good-looking, shaggy brown hair, beautiful green eyes. Sigh. He held her suitcases in each hand.

"Thanks!" she replied, as he set her suitcases on the ground.

"No prob," he said. They smiled at each other, then Sequoia grabbed her bags and hauled them over to Karma and Molly.

"We got 'em," they said, and each took a bag. "You can carry our purses," they said, handing them to Sequoia, who smiled and slung the two bags over her shoulder with her own.

"Oh," Karma said suddenly, as they made their way out of the busy airport. "My brother's waiting in the garage to take us home."

"Avery's here?!" Sequoia asked. Karma smiled and nodded. "He came home just from college just for you!"

"Oh, I missed him! Yay! I can't wait to see him!"

The automatic doors swung open, revealing a gloomy, humid, summer day, and the trio made their way towards the parking garage with high spirits.