Hurting today
I don't know why.
Where happiness should lay
I seem only to cry.

Empty and hollow
Pained and confused.
Even when I win
I always seem to lose.

Emotions chaotic
Pent up rage.
All-consuming sorrow
The war inside me constantly seems to page.

Calling it back up all over again
Haunting me
Tearing my heart to bits
And casting it into a crimson sea.

Praise falls on deaf ears
But criticism rings loud and true.
I can't please myself
And I'm certain I can't please you.

All this and more
Wracks my troubled mind.
The inner-peace I so desperately seek
Seems impossible to find.

Crushed and tired
Lost and alone.
Confused and desolate;
Feelings I can no longer postphone.

They swirl in around me
A black void of pain.
Even joy
Tastes like tears of acid rain.